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June Employment Report

Key Data Payrolls: +222,000; Private: 187,000; Revisions: +47,000; Unemployment Rate: 4.4% (up 0.1 percentage point); Wages: +0.2% In a Nutshell “Strong job gains, rising labor force and moderating increasing wages...what more could we want?” What It Means Well, wrong again. I didn’t think the economy had it in it, but apparently, there are still enough … [Read more]

By Joel Naroff on July 10, 2017
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Did Seattle’s Minimum Wage Increase Help or Hurt Workers? [Infographic]

For the past several years, the nation has been locked in heated debate about raising the minimum wage. Many argue for workers' rights and that the current minimum wage is not sustainable. Others argue that a $15 minimum wage is simply not possible for businesses. Forcing such a measure would result in a widespread loss of jobs and decreased income, thus harming workers … [Read more]

By Grace Kaucic on June 29, 2017
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An Attorney General Could Seriously Hurt Businesses

The actions this week by two state attorneys general over the constitutionality of President Trump’s overseas business dealings have very little to do with the P&Ls of operators. But here’s why it matters to your business and employees--In the grand scheme of things, their legal maneuvering it is a stinging reminder of the role AGs play and how, in other circumstances … [Read more]

By guest blogger Joe Kefauver on June 21, 2017
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Everything Restaurants Need to Know about the Political Landscape

The restaurant industry is bombarded by political, legislative and regulatory issues playing out all over the country, not to mention activism. All of it can have an immediate or long-term impact on business models. In a world of rapid social media response, our employees and customers are also aware of these debates in town halls, state capitols and in Congress. … [Read more]

By TDn2K on June 7, 2017
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Restaurant Guest Satisfaction Snapshot to Reveal Online Brand Health of Chain Restaurants

May 24, 2017 | Dallas, TX - White Box Social Intelligence™, a TDn2K™ company, has launched the “Restaurant Guest Satisfaction Snapshot,” revealing insights on consumer feedback and guest satisfaction on over 193,000 units and 620 brands in the restaurant industry. View the latest edition, "Value Reigns in the Eyes of Restaurant Consumers," here. “We are excited to … [Read more]

Not All Restaurants Are Failing. Here’s How Some Are Staying on Top.

If there’s one thing that has become obvious over the past few years in the restaurant industry, it’s that “the rising tide does not raise all boats.” But, perhaps “the ebbing tide does not lower all boats,” either. While chain restaurants have been looking at some of the worst years of sales and traffic since the Great Recession, there have been a few top players. These … [Read more]

By Jennifer Hubert on May 23, 2017
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The Ugly Truth of Employee Turnover [Infographic]

Here's a quick quiz: what hurts your employees' performance, your guests' dining experiences and your financial bottom line? If you guessed employee turnover, you've clearly been paying attention. Over the past year, chain restaurants have been weathering some of the highest turnover rates in over 10 years, and operators are starting to panic. Every restaurant executive … [Read more]

By Grace Kaucic on May 22, 2017
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April Employment Report

Key Data Payrolls: +211,000; Revisions: -6,000; Leisure and Hospitality: +55,000; Unemployment Rate: 4.4% (down from 4.5%); Participation Rate: -0.1 percentage point; Hourly Wages: +0.3% In a Nutshell “Despite all their grumbling about the availability of workers, companies are still finding plenty of people to hire.” What It Means Business owners are always … [Read more]

By Joel Naroff on May 5, 2017
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Chain Restaurants, It’s Time to Meet Your Competition

For many years, chain restaurants enjoyed an influx of traffic and sales. After the recession, as consumer spending and confidence began recovering, chains were able to satisfy their customers and keep them coming back week after week. Today, however, this is no longer the case. The Black Box Intelligence™ first quarter results made this clear and were the primary … [Read more]

What United Airlines Taught Us (Not To Do)

A great deal has been made in the last week out of the public relations debacle United Airlines created for itself when it literally had a passenger dragged off its plane. The man had already paid for his seat and willingly followed all security and boarding procedures. By all accounts, he was quietly minding his own business and waiting for takeoff like everyone else. … [Read more]

By guest blogger Joe Kefauver on April 21, 2017
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Understanding Corporate Compensation and Employee Benefits in the Restaurant Industry

U.S. restaurant operators face increasing challenges in running a profitable business. Costs are increasing for food storage and food preparation, along with rising prices for meats and vegetables. On top of the steadily rising basic food costs are higher labor compensation levels for executives, managers and kitchen employees, coupled with a similar upward trend in … [Read more]

By TDn2K on April 18, 2017
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First Quarter Restaurant Sales Performance Disappoints Despite Improvement in March

Restaurant struggles continued in March as sales and traffic again declined year-over-year. Same-store sales were down -1.1 percent while traffic dropped -3.4 percent. March’s results were disappointing for an industry desperately trying to reverse performance trends; sales have been negative in 11 out of the last 12 months. However, March did represent an improvement ... [Read more]

[INFOGRAPHIC] Are You Paying Your Restaurant Managers Enough?

What makes employees want to work for your company? Recent studies have indicated that potential hires pay particular attention to company culture, flexible scheduling and, unsurprisingly, wages and benefits. With so many opportunities available to job seekers today, how can companies ensure their wage and benefits structures are competitive enough to attract top … [Read more]

By Grace Kaucic on April 12, 2017
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March Employment Situation

KEY DATA: Payrolls: +98,000; Revisions: -38,000. Retail: -30,000; Unemployment Rate: 4.5% (down from 4.7%); Wages: +0.2% IN A NUTSHELL: “Well, it turns out a sluggish economy really doesn’t create large numbers of new jobs.” WHAT IT MEANS: I have been commenting this week that I was surprised by some of the high estimates for job gains. Economic growth was … [Read more]

By Joel Naroff on April 7, 2017
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How Yum! Brands is Winning the Conversation

For some time, I have argued about the definition of "winning" whenever I’m asked what success looks like for the labor and activist community. For those of you who have interacted with me at the Global Best Practices Conference and other forums, you have heard me say that for critics of our industry’s business model, winning is not just measured in successful advances in … [Read more]

By guest blogger Joe Kefauver on March 2, 2017
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Flat Sales, Welcome Change for Restaurant Industry in January

The restaurant industry kicked off 2017 in a much more uplifting fashion than it ended 2016. While same-store sales growth was flat (zero percent) in January, it represented a welcome break from the ten consecutive months of negative sales growth experienced by the industry through the end of last year. January’s jump of 4.3 percentage points was the biggest month-to-mon ... [Read more]

Restaurants Winning in the Marketplace Recognized with TDn2K’s Best Practices Awards

TDn2K™ (Transforming Data into Knowledge), parent company of People Report™, Black Box Intelligence™ and White Box Social Intelligence™, announced the winners of the 2017 Best Practices Awards today at the 22nd annual Global Best Practices Conference in Dallas, Texas. The Best Practices Awards are designed to recognize consistently superior performance and results among … [Read more]

End of 2016 Sales Plunge Restaurants to its Weakest Month in Three Years

2016 closed on a sour note as December became the weakest month in over three years for same-store sales growth. The -4.3 percent sales decline for the month shrank the industry’s fourth quarter same-store sales result to -2.4 percent, the worst quarter experienced by restaurants in over five years. This insight comes from data reported by [Read more]

Restaurant Sales Growth Worst Since July; Job Growth Disappears

At -1.3 percent, disappointing restaurant sales growth in November was the ninth consecutive month of negative same-store sales; and the worst sales growth since July. Despite the economy growing at the fastest pace in two years during the second quarter, this growth did not translate into incremental sales for the industry. Same-store sales for third and fourth quarters, ... [Read more]

Overtime Regulations Delayed, Now What?

TDn2K Update: FSLA overtime regulations halted by Texas judge Yesterday, a temporary injunction was placed on the new FLSA overtime regulations rule, which would have come into effect on December 1st. The rule would have caused many restaurant companies to have to increase their annual salaries to a significant portion of their managers to meet the new requirements as … [Read more]

By TDn2K on November 23, 2016
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Thanksgiving, Gratitude, #SBrandCamp and #GivingTuesday

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. Celebrated during my favorite season, it seems to be the one day that we get almost exactly right. It is a time for family and friends. It is a chance to rest, to reflect and to share hospitality. It is a time for tradition: great food, football, Turkey Trots and finding ways to help those with less. Most of all, it is a … [Read more]

Election Results: Don’t Pop the Cork Yet

In the days and weeks since the presidential election, much has been written about the potential impacts of the election results on operators. Other than some uneasiness over trade and consumer confidence, entry-level employers generally feel optimistic about what might lie ahead with policy changes to taxes, wages and healthcare. Most employers feel like they got a big … [Read more]

By guest blogger Joe Kefauver on November 17, 2016
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Restaurant Industry Best in Class People Practices to be Recognized at TDn2K’s Executive Event

TDn2K™ (Transforming Data Into Knowledge) has announced the finalists for the 2017 Best Practices Awards, celebrating consistently superior workforce results among members of People Report™, a TDn2K company. Winners will be honored January 30th at the annual Global Best Practices Conference in Dallas, Texas. This coveted honor awards companies for their management … [Read more]

Tightening Job Market Showing Up In Higher Wages

INDICATOR: October Employment Report and September Trade Deficit KEY DATA: Payrolls: +161,000; Private: 142,000; Revisions: +44,000; Unemployment Rate: 4.9% (down 0.1 percentage point); Wages: +0.4%/ Trade Deficit: $36.4 billion ($4 billion narrower) IN A NUTSHELL: “The tightening job market is finally showing up in higher wages, which should make Janet Yellen and … [Read more]

By Joel Naroff on November 4, 2016
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Restaurant Industry Limps into Fourth Quarter

As the restaurant industry limps into the fourth and final quarter of 2016, it’s more important than ever for operators to understand what’s coming down the pipeline next. TDn2K™ recently hosted its Q4 Restaurant Industry Update Webinar to address the most pressing issues facing the industry, namely a dismal sales environment and continuously tightening labor market. The … [Read more]

Full Employment Could Be Near: September Jobs Report

KEY DATA: Payrolls: 156,000; Private: 167,000; Unemployment Rate: 5% (up 0.1 percentage point) IN A NUTSHELL: “A lack of qualified applicants is limiting hiring while growing job openings are bringing people back into the market, all signs of a labor market near full employment” WHAT IT MEANS: If Fed members were hoping for a strong September jobs number, they … [Read more]

By Joel Naroff on October 7, 2016
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August Restaurant Sales and Traffic Trend Upward, Still in Negative Territory

The downturn in restaurant sales continued during August as the industry faced its third consecutive month of negative same-store sales growth and the sixth month since the beginning of the year with declining year-over-year sales. Despite the -0.6 percent same-store sales growth posted during August, there was some good news in the fact that this result represented an imp ... [Read more]

Weekly Jobless Claims

IN A NUTSHELL: “Businesses are investing again and given that capital spending was the weakest link in the last GDP report, third quarter growth could be really strong.” WHAT IT MEANS: Another day, another day of pretty good data. Business investment reduced growth in the spring by 1.7 percentage points. Much of that came from a reduction in inventories, but … [Read more]

Workforce Index: Good Restaurant Help Remains Hard to Find

The third quarter 2016 overall Workforce Index reported a score of 72.3, a decrease from 75.9 in the second quarter. This represents the ninth consecutive quarter the overall index has posted a reading over 70, signifying the growing pressures of a tightening labor market. This insight comes from the TDn2K™ Workforce Index produced by People Report™. During the … [Read more]

Negative Sales Streak Spans Two Quarters for First Time in 24 Months Amidst New Labor Challenges

The bad news continued for the restaurant industry during the second quarter of 2016. Same-store sales growth during the quarter was -0.7 percent, which followed last quarter’s -0.2 percent year-over-year growth rate, becoming the second consecutive quarter in which the industry has failed to produce positive sales growth. The last time the industry experienced two conse ... [Read more]

Top 5 Regions with Highest Restaurant Turnover

Last week, People Report™, a TDn2K™ (Transforming Data into Knowledge) company, released its brand new Regional Turnover and Compensation Report. This quarterly report offers an in-depth analysis of turnover and compensation data for People Report members from the national level all the way down to the unit level. With turnover on the rise and varying greatly by … [Read more]

DOL Updates Persuader Rule

The Department of Labor (DOL) recently changed what it considers reportable "persuader" activity under the Labor-Management Relations Act. Any agreements entered on or after July 1, 2016 with attorneys or consultants to provide a number of common services (supervisor training, drafting of employee communications and certain policy materials, providing union … [Read more]

By guest blogger Michael VanDervort on June 27, 2016
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[Survey]: New FLSA Regulations

Learn How Your Peers are Preparing By Participating in this Short Survey The Department of Labor has communicated a rule change to raise the exempt employee salary threshold from $455/week to $913/week. Responding to this change has presented challenges to the restaurant industry. For one, restaurants must better track their currently exempt salaried employees in order … [Read more]

Complex Labor Challenges and Weak Sales Continue to Plague Restaurant Industry

Despite a slight improvement in May restaurant sales, the industry has still not returned to positive territory. Sales were -0.3 percent a 0.7 percent improvement from April. May was the third consecutive month of declining sales, which have continued to slide since the fourth quarter of 2015. The average growth rate for the last eight months is -0.2 percent, with only thr ... [Read more]

May Jobs Report

KEY DATA: Payrolls: +38,000; Revisions: -59,000; Private Sector: 25,000; Unemployment Rate: 4.7% (down from 5%); Wages: +0.2%/ ISM (Non-Man.): -2.8 points/ Deficit: +$1.9 billion IN A NUTSHELL: “Take a deep breath, breathe slowly and don’t panic - yet.” WHAT IT MEANS: Huh? Has the economy really stopped creating jobs? Looking at the headline employment number, you … [Read more]

By Joel Naroff on June 3, 2016
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Strategies to Offset Minimum Wage Hikes

TDn2K™ (Transforming Data into Knowledge) recently conducted a poll regarding the minimum wage hikes taking place across the nation. The poll asked restaurant operators to share what strategies their companies are using to combat these wage hikes and subsequent compression issues. Compression issues occur when minimum wage increases for entry-level workers rise to the same … [Read more]

CHART Charleston, Join Us!

The Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers (CHART), the leading resource for the development and advancement of hospitality training professionals and their organizations, will be hosting their 92nd Hospitality Training Conference, July 30 – August 2, 2016, at the Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, SC. If you are a training or Human Resources professional in a … [Read more]

Does Turnover in the Service Sector Scare the Hell Out of You?

It should. The People Report™ 2016 Recruiting and Turnover Report makes me break into a cold sweat. While you're out there doing your best to hire leaders to steer your business in the right direction, about 33% of unit-level managers were terminated within a year of hire. You guys are struggling. The burden to be an owner, operator, line leader and … [Read more]

Restaurant Industry Update: How Best-in-Class Companies Combat Challenges

TDn2K™ (Transforming Data into Knowledge) recently hosted its quarterly State of the Restaurant Industry webinar. This session featured guest speakers Margo Manning, Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Dolf Berle, President and COO from Dave and Buster’s. Dave and Buster’s received the Diamond Catalyst Award this past January at the annual Global Best Practices … [Read more]

Restaurants Experience First Negative Growth Quarter in Two Years after Disappointing March Sales

Chain restaurant same-store sales fell during March, plunging into negative growth territory for the second time in the last three months. At -0.7 percent same-store sales growth, March represented the second worst month since February of 2014. Only January 2016 was slightly weaker at -0.8 percent sales growth. This insight comes from data reported by [Read more]

Boomers, Xers, Millennials…Oh, My!

Last month, the Women's Foodservice Forum held its Annual Leadership Development Conference in Dallas, Texas. The purpose of the conference was to engage women in the foodservice industry and teach them how to develop the leadership and communication skills that will bring them success in their careers. The conference included various general sessions as well as break-out … [Read more]

By Grace Kaucic on April 1, 2016
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March Private Sector Jobs and Help Wanted Online

KEY DATA: ADP: 200,000/ Online Ads: -31,500 IN A NUTSHELL: “Businesses may be buying ads less but they are enjoying it more as hiring remains strong.” WHAT IT MEANS: It’s Employment Friday week and that means the ADP estimate of private sector job gains comes out on Wednesday. Once again, the ADP report is pointing to a solid rise in nonfarm payrolls when the … [Read more]

By Joel Naroff on April 1, 2016
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[INFOGRAPHIC] Workforce Challenges in the Restaurant Industry

People Report™, a TDn2K™ company, recently hosted a webinar to discuss the numerous workforce challenges currently facing the restaurant industry. Speakers included: Joni Doolin, CEO and founder of TDn2K; Victor Fernandez, Executive Director of Insights and Knowledge at TDn2K; Michael VanDervort, Executive Director at Cue Inc.; and Jill Van Pelt, SVP and CPO of Denny's … [Read more]

By Grace Kaucic on March 31, 2016
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Don’t Freak Out: 4 Lessons to Overcome Your Recruiting and Retention Challenges

People Report™ recently published its quarterly Workforce Index™. If you work in human resources or recruiting, it's a quick read that will help you understand some of the labor pressures in the service sector. The Workforce Index highlighted a host of recruiting and retention difficulties for hourly and management positions. For example, we learned just how turnover … [Read more]

Restaurant Sales Improved in February but Growth Continues to be Weak

After a disappointing January, the chain restaurant industry was able to reverse course and post positive same-store sales growth in February. However, at an anemic growth rate of 0.4 percent, February’s same-store sales were far from robust and continue to fuel fears that consumer spending in restaurants has slowed to a crawl. The average growth rate reported for the fi ... [Read more]

Workforce Index: Mounting Market Pressures Have No End in Sight

People Report™, a TDn2K™ company, recently released its quarterly Workforce Index™, a quarterly barometer of market pressures on employment. The most recent index conveyed a trend that is no longer a secret in the restaurant industry: the labor market is rapidly tightening, and there is no clear end in sight. The Workforce Index for first quarter 2016 registered an … [Read more]

By Grace Kaucic on February 19, 2016
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Restaurant Industry Battles Weather and Economic Uncertainty During January 2016

The restaurant industry experienced a discouraging start to the year as measured by same-store sales growth during January; external factors certainly had an impact. Same-store sales growth during January was -0.8 percent, which is the softest month since the -0.9 percent growth reported for February 2014 and only the second month with negative sales growth in the last 15 ... [Read more]

2016 Restaurant Industry Update: What’s Behind and What’s Next

New year, new trends. This week, TDn2K™ hosted its first Restaurant Industry Update webinar of 2016 to take a look in the rearview mirror at the ups and downs of the final quarter of 2015 as well as predict the coming trends for the new year. The webinar featured veteran speakers Victor Fernandez, Executive Director of Insights and Knowledge at TDn2K, and Joel Naroff, … [Read more]

Sales Growth in Q4 Not Enough to Dismiss Potential Challenges in 2016

The good news is 2015 was a much better year than 2014 for the restaurant industry; the bad news is same-store sales growth continued to decelerate during Q4. Same-store sales growth for all of 2015 was 1.6 percent, a 1.0 percent jump from the growth rate reported for 2014 and a 2.3 percent improvement compared with 2013’s results. However, the industry seems to have cra ... [Read more]

November Leading Indicators and Weekly Jobless Claims

KEY DATA: LEI: +0.4%/ Phila. Fed: -7.8 points/ Claims: down 11,000 IN A NUTSHELL: “Except for the manufacturing sector, the economy is in good shape, but that is a significant 'but.'” WHAT IT MEANS: With the rate hike behind us, it is time to start focusing on the economy and inflation. Inflation outside the energy sector is slowly accelerating, a reality the … [Read more]

By Joel Naroff on December 17, 2015
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Key Competencies in Management Roles

In case you missed it: Are your managers really ready to lead? Early this week, TDn2K™ (Transforming Data into Knowledge) partnered with Assess Systems to explore this question in a special webinar session focused on management and leadership in the restaurant industry. The webinar featured guest speaker Bill Streitberger, Chief People Officer at American Blue Ribbon … [Read more]

Winning in the Workplace Just Got Tougher

Finally, a monthly employment report that says we are “officially” out of the economic woods. Likewise, the data says that we have officially returned to an employee market. The following recap from TDn2K™-retained economist Joel Naroff, together with just released People Report™ monthly data and the 4th quarter People Report Workforce Index, confirm what recruiters have … [Read more]

Superior Restaurant Workplaces to be Recognized at TDn2K’s Global Best Practices Conference

December 2, 2015 — Dallas, Texas: TDn2K™ (Transforming Data Into Knowledge) has announced the finalists for the 2016 Best Practices awards. These awards recognize consistently superior workforce results among members of People Report™, a TDn2K company. Winners will be honored January 19th at the annual Global Best Practices Conference in Dallas, Texas. Awards are given … [Read more]

“A Grateful Heart” on #GivingTuesday

"A Grateful: Daily Blessings for the Evening Meal from Buddha to the Beatles" by M.J. Ryan

Good books are like good friends. We meet them, get to know them and spend time together when we can. We mark special pages like special occasions, and we share what we love about them with others. Then sometimes we drift apart, even forgetting what once we found so appealing. Our memories fade. The footprints on our hearts begin to disappear. Then, one day, we reconnect. … [Read more]

September Job Openings, Hires, Layoffs and Weekly Jobless Claims

KEY DATA: Openings: +149,000; Hires: -32,000; Layoffs: -47,000; Quits: -51,000/ Claims: unchanged IN A NUTSHELL: “Firms are still willing to look for people but unwilling to hire them.” WHAT IT MEANS: Last week’s strong employment report put to rest the idea that the job market was softening. The three-month average may be below the 2014 average, but it is similar … [Read more]

October Employment Report

IN A NUTSHELL:“Remember those stories about job growth faltering? Well, never mind!” KEY DATA: Payrolls: 271,000; Revisions: +12,000; Private: 268,000; Unemployment Rate: 5% (down from 5.1%) WHAT IT MEANS: Yesterday I noted that the August and September payroll increases seemed a little “light” and thus job gains could be better than forecast. However, I didn’t … [Read more]

By Joel Naroff on November 9, 2015
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Highlights and Hurdles for the End of 2015

In TDn2K’s™ (Transforming Data into Knowledge) quarterly State of the Restaurant Industry series, the team was delighted to welcome back seasoned presenters Joel Naroff, Victor Fernandez and Bob Rycroft. The October presentation and conversations were about market performance and labor trends from the third quarter of the year and a look at what to expect in the fourth … [Read more]

2016 TDn2K Workplace Legacy Award to Honor Buffalo Wild Wings’ CEO Sally Smith; Celebrating Commitment to Balancing People and Profits

October 28, 2015 – Dallas, Texas: With great respect and excitement, TDn2K™ (Transforming Data into Knowledge) will honor Sally Smith, President and CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings with the 2016 Workplace Legacy Award. The award will be presented at the annual Global Best Practices Conference produced by TDn2K (parent company of People Report™, Black Box Intelligence™ and White … [Read more]

Trifecta Management

Dr. Jac Fitz-enz

By its nature management is a holistic process. That is, we must not manage only one part of an organization. Yet, the growth of industrial enterprises necessitated division of labor. Companies split responsibilities among sales, engineering, finance and labor. As they grew the gaps between each discipline expanded until, in some cases, communication broke down. Then, top … [Read more]

Heating Labor Market Requires Best in Class Research and People Practices

It is no longer “if” but “when” staffing crunches will impact service sector operators in significant ways. The nation’s unemployment rate is steadily decreasing, and its effect on restaurant staffing levels is here to stay. Skyrocketing turnover rates along with minimum wage increases, increased regulations, and worker activism are forcing hiring managers into a tight … [Read more]

4 Key Takeaways from the 2015 Trends in Hospitality & Development Study

TDn2K (Transforming Data into Knowledge), in partnership with the Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers (CHART), recently presented the findings of its annual survey “Trends in Hospitality Training and Development Study”. The study encompassed responses from a total of 57 organizations, of which 84% represented restaurant companies and 16% were hotel and lodging … [Read more]

By Grace Kaucic on August 31, 2015
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Workforce Index | Q3 2015

The Workforce Index is a quarterly indicator of current labor market conditions designed to help recruitment executives make more strategic decisions in response to real time market conditions. This report covers employment levels, recruitment difficulty, vacancies, turnover and employment expectations in the food service industry. Highlights Include: Quarterly … [Read more]

Voice of the Hourly Worker

One of the toughest spaces for any social brand manager to navigate is the world of your employees on social. Whether you are in marketing, HR, recruiting, or operations, every day brings new opportunities and challenges for your brand reputation and voice. This panel, held at Summer Brand Camp, included workplace, marketing and labor relations experts who discussed the … [Read more]

Q&A with White Castle’s CPO & VP of Marketing: John Kelley & Kim Bartley

Last week we sat down with industry leaders & TDn2K friends John Kelley, CPO and Kim Bartley VP of Marketing at White Castle, on our quarterly webinar series. Our time together tackled the current landscape, challenges and the new cycle of growth and opportunity being experienced by the industry. We reflected on Q1 results and shared a few expectations for Q2. John & Kim … [Read more]

Lessons in Employee Engagement From Summer Brand Camp

Employee engagement and retention are two of the most pressing issues in the restaurant industry. People Report’s 2015 Restaurant Industry Recruitment & Turnover Report gives us interesting insights. The data shows that in 2014: 3 out of 4 employees voluntarily resigned 27% of employees left within their first 90 days of employment It costs $1,157 to replace … [Read more]

2015 Recruiting and Turnover Report

Hot off the press: The 2015 Recruiting and Turnover Report has been published! People Report members already have this report posted in their e-File Cabinets for immediate download. Report covers: recruiter outsourcing, recruiter staffing, applicant tracking systems, internal promotion practices, employee sourcing, employee turnover by category, factors contributing to … [Read more]

Connected Data Drives Best in Class Performance

At TDn2K, as we study the state of the industry, our observation is that we’ve entered a new cycle, a cycle of opportunity. Sales are up, the job market is accelerating and online opportunities to connect with employees and consumers continue to emerge. How can restaurants best take advantage of this new cycle? One of the ways is to learn how to leverage data and insights; … [Read more]

Benefits of Using E-learning to Drive Culture and Improve Brand Experience

This week, the TDn2K team was in Arizona for the Restaurant Leadership Conference. As always, we got to catch up with our members, meet new industry connections and learn some new things from the incredible speakers and educational sessions. On Tuesday, our partners at DiscoverLink put on an innovation forum on e-learning, complete with case studies and benefits of … [Read more]

Is It Time to Rethink Your Staffing Model

Written by Liz D’Aloia During the recession many companies transitioned to a predominantly part-time staffing model. There are a few key reasons for this. Some companies transferred employees from a full-time to a part-time status because they wanted to reduce costs and avoid losing valuable employee experience. When the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), part-time … [Read more]

4 Economic Forces That Have a Profound Impact on Your Business

Written by Liz D’Aloia During the 2015 Global Best Practices meeting we learned a lot about emerging trends from economist Joel Naroff. Joel’s presented a session entitled “It’s the Economy, and You’re Not Stupid”. As Joel noted, there are major economic forces at work that may have a profound impact on your business. Joel kicked off the session by reminding us … [Read more]

Get Ready to Pay in 2015

Written by Liz D’Aloia During the 2015 Global Best Practices we heard about the political and economic trends that are impacting the restaurant industry. Here’s a summary of how these predictions may impact your labor budget. Wages stagnated during the recession and subsequent weak recovery. Economist Joel Narnoff explained that wage pressure on employers is like a … [Read more]

“Focus on Labor” – Knowledge, Preparation and Positive Leadership Will Win the Day

Written by Kathleen Taylor-Gadsby For those of us who attended the “Focus on Labor” pre-conference session, moderated by James Fripp, Sr Director Diversity and Inclusion at YUM Brands Inc, the Global Best Practices conference began with sobering data and a clear challenge that our industry must sit up and take notice. Within the context of unemployment at 5.8%, … [Read more]

7 Tips for Positive Employee Relations

Written by Liz D’Aloia At the Global Best Practices Conference, we held a session entitled Focus on Labor. The session was moderated by James Fripp of Yum! Brands. Terry Dunn of Positive Management Leadership, Joe Kefauver of the Parquet Group, Peter Harrison of Snagajob, and Michael VanDervort of CUE Inc gave us excellent insight into the major labor trends that are … [Read more]

It’s Giving Tuesday, Let’s Raise 50K for #NoKidHungry!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us. In good tradition, they've save the best for last. December 2nd is #GivingTuesday and that means it’s time for the annual No Kid Hungry Give-a-Thon. Please join us, and millions of people around the world, in this day of giving. $1 will connect hungry kids to ten meals. We have two days focused on getting deals. We have one … [Read more]

The Employer Market is Already Over; Really

By TDn2K economist, Joel Naroff, President & Chief Economist Naroff Economic Advisors The People Report Workforce Index, published at the end of September indicated that employment pressures are already at a pre-recession high, not reported since late 2007. Yet many employers remain skeptical about any impending shortages, or the need to re-examine … [Read more]

2015 Workplace Legacy Award Goes To…

An important part of every Global Best Practices conference is celebrating the elite companies and leaders who are making a difference in our industry. We honor the ones who get it, who connect people, profits and planet and are leaving their businesses, communities and workplaces better than they found them. The TDn2K Workplace Legacy Award was created and presented … [Read more]

Workforce Index | Q4

The Workforce Index is a quarterly indicator of current labor market conditions designed to help recruitment executives make more strategic decisions in response to real time market conditions. This report covers employment levels, recruitment difficulty, vacancies, turnover and employment expectations in the food service industry. Highlights Include: Quarterly … [Read more]

From Blogging to the Boardroom

It’s been six years since the world of work and business, as we knew it came crashing down. September 15th, 2008, Lehman filed bankruptcy and the insanity called the Great Recession began. Before the month was over, budgets were being slashed, travel was being cancelled, the layoffs started, and the newsfeeds from New York and Washington were scary. In retrospect we know … [Read more]

[Infographic]: Millennials in the Workforce

It's hard to define a generation, but "Millennials" is the popular term for those who were born between 1980 and 2000. It's clear that this burgeoning generation has preferences and behaviors different to their predecessors -- especially when it comes to jobs. We polled over 400 Millennials to find out the current state of this generation. … [Read more]

Help Us Celebrate 20 Years of Balancing People & Profits


20 years is a big milestone no matter how you measure it. We are humbled by the restaurant leaders and partners who have been part of this journey and supported us along the way. Next January, we will come together to celebrate our industry, its trailblazers and the amazing community that has grown during 20 years of Best Practices Conferences. This celebration simply … [Read more]

Riddle: What can’t you force, can’t let happen by itself, and absolutely need for your brand? Answer: Your employees on social!

Employee brand advocacy. Internal social media. Brand ambassadorship. Workforce Marketing. If you were with us for Summer Brand Camp you heard a lot about these topics. Whatever the current vernacular, the challenge is the same: how do you get employees to say what you want them to say, when you can’t control what they say? (Hint: The experts are laughing that the word … [Read more]

Surf’s Up…and it’s Not a Hurricane!

Don’t go out and buy a new surfboard, but use the one you have and enjoy the ride! August 2014 same store sales results for the Black Box Intelligence Industry Index, as reported in TDn2K’s “The Restaurant Industry Snapshot”, are the best results since February 2012. The Black Box Intelligence Index with more than 19,000 units reporting in all five segments recorded a … [Read more]

[Infographic]: 2014 Trends in Hospitality Training & Development Report

In partnership with CHART, we are excited to announce the results of our 2014 Trends in Hospitality Training & Development research. With these 2014 results we were able to benchmark training and development practices against substantial data in the areas of learning investments, learning hours per employee type, delivery methods, instructional design, content areas, … [Read more]

A First Look: Results of the Corporate Compensation and Benefits Report are in!

This year, People Report's Corporate Compensation and Benefits Survey reported on results from over 157 restaurant brands covering five segments. Participants included: American Blue Ribbon Holdings, Brinker International, Caribou Coffee, Ignite Restaurant Group, The Cheesecake Factory, Union Square Hospitality Group, WHite Castle and Zoes Kitchen. The results of the … [Read more]

Memories, Milestones & Cathedrals – The road to our 20th Global Best Practices Conference

Almost 20 years ago we founded People Report™, a venture devoted to serving as a catalyst for companies that wanted to “balance people and profits”. A few brave and innovative chain foodservice executives entered the mostly uncharted waters of collaborating in order to become better competitors. It was a strange and uncomfortable concept then, and for many it still is; … [Read more]

[Part 2] Tips from the Top: A Conversation with Economic Expert Joel Naroff

TDn2K’s “State of the Industry” quarterly member webinars feature a special industry guest to share their insights and prediction about the restaurant industry. Today, our Q2 webinar, we were lucky to have economic expert Joel Naroff share his insights. Joel L. Naroff is President and Chief Economist at Naroff Economic Advisors; a strategic economic consulting firm that … [Read more]

Ides of July 2014; Surviving or Thriving?

Hard to believe, but 2014 is officially half over. Whether you are dusting off your New Year’s resolutions or your business plan, it’s time to take one last glance in the rear view mirror and focus on the windshield. Our hot off the press Restaurant Industry Snapshot™ rolls up to year to date results that were officially deemed “lackluster”; positive 0.06% same store … [Read more]

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Tips from the Top: A Conversation with Economic Expert Joel Naroff

TDn2K’s “State of the Industry” quarterly member webinars feature a special industry guest to share their insights and prediction about the restaurant industry. On July 16th our Q2 webinar will be joined by Joel L. Naroff, President and Chief Economist at Naroff Economic Advisors; a strategic economic consulting firm that advises corporations and financial institutions on … [Read more]

4 Lessons to Learn About Your Hourly Workers

By Lauren Bifulco, Business Development Manager at Snagajob during Summer Brand Camp Economic experts state that at least 70 percent of our economy is based on hourly jobs and the restaurant industry employment is now 13.1 million employees strong and growing every year. Most of the hourly jobs within our industry interact in some way, shape or form with your … [Read more]

Two Decades, Three Continents, Two Weeks: Reflections on the Noble Purpose of Creating Jobs

One of the many gifts of international travel, is the opportunity to reflect on the lives and jobs we take for granted at home; the chance to see the proverbial forest through the trees. Meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and reading international press permits the rare window of perspective that can be so difficult to find when we are locked in our daily … [Read more]

By Joni Thomas Doolin on March 7, 2014
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Research Study Reveals Diversity Practices in the Restaurant Industry

People Report, a TDn2K company, has partnered with the Multicultural Foodservice and Hospitality Alliance (MFHA) to publish “The State of the Foodservice Industry: Diversity Report 2014”. This comprehensive study will reveal and reflect on diversity practices in the restaurant industry. The objective of this research is to provide information that will help executives … [Read more]

Maximizing 2014: The Top 10 Trends for HR

What does the future hold for HR? Glad you asked. We don’t use on our crystal ball to find the answer, instead we looked at the cold hard stats, trend growth and insights from HR managers. The answer is good news – it’s “opportunity”! There are 10 big trends affecting HR in 2014 – all of which provide the perfect opportunity for business growth if you know how leverage … [Read more]

It’s a New Year… Thank Goodness!

I don’t know about you, but 2013 was a confusing year in our business. We had record gains by public restaurant company stocks during one of the most challenging years of sales and traffic (Black Box Intelligence -.01% & -2.1% respectively). Aren’t we in the fifth year of what is typically an eighteen to thirty six month recovery? And the weather gods are punishing us, as … [Read more]

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Cheesecake Factory to be Honored with 1st Ever Diamond Catalyst Award

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) October 16, 2013 The coveted Best Practices Awards given out each fall by People Report and Black Box Intelligence acknowledge best overall performance among members of the People Report Community based on restaurant management retention, hourly employee retention, composite diversity, year over year improvement and community involvement. This … [Read more]

Consistency: Last Refuge of the Unimaginative?

Oscar Wilde once said that consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative. I’m pretty sure he never ran a restaurant. I suppose it’s true that consistency is sometimes associated with being conservative or lacking flair. With thousands of messages vying for our attention, we’re usually drawn to whatever is new or trending. It’s tough to make headlines without making … [Read more]

Brighter Outlook for Restaurant Salaries and Benefits Packages in 2014

Dallas, Tx (PRWEB) August 15, 2013 This week, People Report launched the sale of its 2013 Corporate Compensation and Benefits Survey (CCBS). Results of this annual survey answer the key questions: Are restaurant employees’ compensation and benefits package competitive? Do restaurants offer hourly restaurant workers as well as corporate employees fair wages? “With so … [Read more]

Employment, Turnover and Starting Salaries on the Rise for the Restaurant Industry

Q1 numbers published by Black Box Intelligence and People Report show the restaurant industry experienced continued job growth, rising turnover for both management and hourly employees and an increase in starting salaries for unit level managers. At the end of the first quarter of 2013, the restaurant industry experienced continued job growth, rising turnover for both … [Read more]

Workforce Index

The People Report Workforce Index is a quarterly barometer of labor market pressures designed to help recruitment executives make more strategic decisions. The index compiles data from participating companies, averaging around 50 participants per quarter. It is based on five different employment measures: Employment levels Recruiting difficulty Job … [Read more]

By Grace Kaucic on March 8, 2013
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Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF) Announces New Strategic Alliance with People Report & Black Box Intelligence

Dallas TX February - 2013 - Women's Foodservice Forum (WFF) is pleased to announce a new partnership with People Report & Black Box Intelligence, the leading provider of comprehensive business insights for the foodservice industry. Their work is focused on the intersection of human and financial capital, and helping companies to succeed in the workplace and the … [Read more]

The Good Ones Really Do Die Too Young

We lost Robert Ott, a remarkable leader, father, husband and human being, on December 21, 2012. He went out for his morning walk, was struck by a car, and was killed. The shock and sorrow remain, as does the very long and broad leadership shadow that so many of us were lucky enough to experience while he was with us. Tanya Corners, Bill Story, Robert Ott, Avery Block … [Read more]

By Joni Thomas Doolin on January 31, 2013
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