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Global Best Practices 2018

Join us to recognize the companies and leaders who make a positive difference in our industry; setting the example and modeling the best practices that make global impact. Our featured speakers will provide you with the data, predictions and insights that will help you kickstart 2018.

Webinars & Other Events

Webinar: Compensation Practices Winning the Workplace

Today’s tight labor market has operators facing some of the most significant challenges of their career. In a down market, are you competitively rewarding your employees?

TDn2K's annual Corporate Compensation and Benefits Survey helps operators focus on key pay practices that will help attract and retain top talent. Join us for an overview of the current landscape and latest trends from the 2017 results. Some of the topics and trends we'll discuss include:

Restaurant hourly employee expense as a percentage of sales on average has increased 7.5 percentage points over the last 10 years

Even though bonus target payouts for general managers haven’t changed much in recent years, actual bonus payouts have decreased

As companies start thinking about what matters to their employees, some non-traditional benefits begin to emerge

Best performing brands in the marketplace tend to provide more compensation incentives to their managers

This webinar is open to all restaurant operators. For any questions please contact Sarah Higgins ( Visit for more information.

Webinar: Q4 TDn2K Restaurant Industry Update Webinar

This TDn2K members only webinar series is designed to bring you the most timely & crucial insights for operational success in the restaurant industry. We'll take a look at the current state of workforce, labor market, social landscape and the economy.

TDn2K research is the deepest and broadest in the industry. We'll share the best of TDn2K data covering 41,000 restaurant units, 2.5 million employees and $68 billion in annual sales revenue.

Reserve your spot today. You can attend these industry updates if you are a TDn2K (People Report, Black Box Intelligence, White Box Social Intelligence) member or sponsor partner. For questions, contact Sarah Higgins (

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