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Understanding Corporate Compensation and Employee Benefits in the Restaurant Industry

U.S. restaurant operators face increasing challenges in running a profitable business. Costs are increasing for food storage and food preparation, along with rising prices for meats and vegetables. On top of the steadily rising basic food costs are higher labor compensation levels for executives, managers and kitchen employees, coupled with a similar upward trend in … [Read more]

From Hourly Restaurant Workers to the Corporate Office, Industry Salaries and Bonuses on the Rise

Last week, People Reportâ„¢ released results from the compensation portion of the 2013 Corporate Compensation and Benefits survey. Results showed salaries for restaurant hourly and corporate positions budgeted to increase on average by as much as 2.7% during 2013. Results represent data from 55 distinct chain restaurant corporations operating 83 restaurant concepts. These … [Read more]

TDn2K Press Release: June 28, 2013
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