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Ides of July 2014; Surviving or Thriving?

Hard to believe, but 2014 is officially half over. Whether you are dusting off your New Year’s resolutions or your business plan, it’s time to take one last glance in the rear view mirror and focus on the windshield. Our hot off the press Restaurant Industry Snapshot™ rolls up to year to date results that were officially deemed “lackluster”; positive 0.06% same store … [Read more]

By on July 15, 2014
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Restaurants Post Positive Sales Growth for Third Consecutive Month During May

The spring brought much needed relief for the restaurant industry, which based on the results for May has now posted three consecutive months of positive same-store sales. On a quarter-to-date basis same-store sales are approaching 0.5% at the end of May, fueling hope that Q2 2014 could be the first quarter since Q2 of last year in which the industry has reported positive … [Read more]

TDn2K Press Release: June 9, 2014

February: Most Challenging Month for the Restaurant Industry. Again.

The year continues to be disappointing for the restaurant industry as February again resulted in negative same-store sales. This represents the third consecutive month in which this key metric has shown decreasing sales, which hasn't occurred in over three years. This is clearly evidence of the predicament the industry faces during this unusually cold winter. This was … [Read more]

TDn2K Press Release: March 6, 2014

The Polar Vortex Wallops Restaurant Spending

After a disappointing end to last year, 2014 began with the restaurant industry still showing signs of weakness as it continues to struggle with declining same-store sales and guest counts. This situation was exacerbated in January by the fact that once again, large regions of the country suffered from extreme winter storms that greatly impacted consumer spending in … [Read more]

TDn2K Press Release: February 7, 2014

Super Bowl: Touchdown for Restaurants in Host Cities?

When it comes analyzing the effect of the Super Bowl on the restaurant industry, usually the discussion centers on the boon experienced by those concepts that deliver pizza or where people can go pick up their chicken wings before heading home to watch the big game. But what about the effect on restaurants operating in the event’s host city? “The effect of the Super Bowl … [Read more]

Restaurant Industry Anxious to Leave 2013 Behind; Weather Wallops December Sales and Ends a Disappointing Q4

The year ended on a negative note for the restaurant industry as December was plagued by severe winter storms and a shortened shopping season due to a late Thanksgiving. The latest results published by Black Box Intelligence and People Report through the Restaurant Industry Snapshot for December, released this week, show December pushed Q4 same-store sales performance … [Read more]

TDn2K Press Release: January 10, 2014

Sales & Consumer Willingness to Spend Increases in November Foreshadowing a Positive Holiday Season for Restaurants

For the third consecutive month restaurant same-store sales posted positive growth according to the November Restaurant Industry Snapshot published by Black Box Intelligence and People Report this week. Although overall guest counts continue to decrease year-over-year for the industry, there are some positive signs as same-store traffic growth improved for the fifth … [Read more]

TDn2K Press Release: December 6, 2013
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