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Understanding Corporate Compensation and Employee Benefits in the Restaurant Industry

U.S. restaurant operators face increasing challenges in running a profitable business. Costs are increasing for food storage and food preparation, along with rising prices for meats and vegetables. On top of the steadily rising basic food costs are higher labor compensation levels for executives, managers and kitchen employees, coupled with a similar upward trend in … [Read more]

A First Look: Results of the Corporate Compensation and Benefits Report are in!

This year, People Report's Corporate Compensation and Benefits Survey reported on results from over 157 restaurant brands covering five segments. Participants included: American Blue Ribbon Holdings, Brinker International, Caribou Coffee, Ignite Restaurant Group, The Cheesecake Factory, Union Square Hospitality Group, WHite Castle and Zoes Kitchen. The results of the … [Read more]

Restaurant Industry Employment Pressures Hit Pre-Recession High

Employment pressures continued to grow for the restaurant industry during 2013, despite the fact that the industry’s same-store sales and traffic results were soft during the year and the economy continued to provide mixed signals in terms of its overall strength. Unemployment might still be at historically high levels but the restaurant industry’s growth, currently … [Read more]

TDn2K Press Release: February 26, 2014
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