TDn2K Jobs

TDn2K (Transforming Data into Knowledge) provides software as a service, research and analysis to companies in the restaurant industry. We serve this community of leading companies who utilize our research and services by assisting them to improve their business practices. Our data yields incredible insights and helps our customers make decisions in the areas of sales, operations, marketing and human resources. Our team is hardworking and focused upon doing great work for our members – but we never forget to have fun in the process. Our days are fast paced and deadline filled… but we all enjoy coming to work.

Team collaboration doesn’t always mean just work – community service projects, Summer Olympics and guacamole cook offs are just a few events we like to do together. Your co-workers will probably ask you on your first day about your favorite music group, favorite beer/wine, if you have kids and/or pets, their names – you know, the important things in life!

Job Openings

Business Intelligence Associate: We need a person who has both strong interpersonal skills and strong analytical and problem solving skills. The ideal candidate has high attention to detail, the ability to quickly interpret client needs and is both self-motivated and driven to excel.

You will work within the Membership Services team at TDn2K, providing client service and business analytics support to multi-unit, national restaurant chains. The majority of your time will be spent training and communicating with TDn2K members (clients), problem solving issues on behalf of TDn2K members, and creating customized business intelligence reports utilized by the executive teams of TDn2K members. Apply Here

Analytical Linguistics Consultant/Contractor: TDn2K is looking for a person who has very strong analytical and problem solving skills, is able to manage multiple projects and adapt to change in a small business environment. This individual must be self-motivated and driven to excel.

Analytical Linguistics Consultant will be responsible for reviewing and analyzing TDn2K’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities and processes. As the project manager for our analytical linguistic capabilities, you will support a range of data collection and annotation efforts, monitor accuracy and be a leader in developing new features in the area of NLP.Apply Here