Team Members

Debbie Cobb

Accounting Manager

Sheryl Coyne-Batson

Senior Director of Business Development

David Dietz

Senior Director of Information Technology

Monique Dilonga

Member Services Manager

Joni Thomas Doolin

Founder & CEO

Wally Doolin

Chairman & Founder

Liz da Silva

Front-End Developer & Designer

Victor Fernandez

Executive Director of Insights and Knowledge

Michael Harms

Executive Director of Operations and Compliance

Sarah Higgins

Senior Director of Marketing & Communications

Larry Hill

Chief Technology Officer

Jackie Hu

Associate Business Analyst

Jennifer Hubert

Director of Analysis

Catherine Kaucic

Marketing & Membership Coordinator

Grace Kaucic

Associate Marketing Manager

Melissa Doolin-Koehne

Executive Director, Business Development

Andrew Mickael

Associate Business Analyst

Gerret Montgomery

Director of Business Analytics & Operations

Gina Morrison

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Allyanna Pascone

Senior Business Analyst

Chelsea Patterson

Business Development Manager

Bob Rycroft

Managing Director

Zach Stanford

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

Nancy L Thomas

Controller, Director of Operation Services

Kevin Wheeler

Chief Financial Officer


Kathleen Buehler

Executive Director, Social Strategy1

Joel Naroff

TDn2K Economist