Images of team members

Team Members

Debbie Cobb

Accounting Manager

Sheryl Coyne-Batson

Executive Director, Business Development

Monique Dilonga

Member Services Manager

Joni Thomas Doolin

Founder & CEO

Wally Doolin

Chairman & Founder

Liz da Silva

Front-End Developer & Designer

Victor Fernandez

Vice President, Insights & Knowledge

Michael Harms

Vice President, Operations

Mackenzie Hastings

Associate Business Analyst

Sarah Higgins

Executive Director, Marketing

Larry Hill

Chief Technology Officer

Jennifer Hubert

Director of Analysis

Emmanual Ibe

MEAN Stack Developer

Jayson Jones

Manager, Information Technology

Catherine Kaucic

Marketing & Membership Coordinator

Grace Kaucic

Associate Marketing Manager

Kathleen Koehler

Senior Director, White Box Social Intelligence

Melissa Doolin-Koehne

Vice President, Business Development

Megan Lynberg

Director, Business Development

Cathy McCullough

Vice President, Special Projects

Darren McDowell

Director, Software Development

Andrew Mickael

Associate Business Analyst

Gerret Montgomery

Director, Business Analytics & Operations

Brandon Moore

Business Development Associate

Gina Morrison

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Allyanna Pascone

Senior Business Analyst

Bob Rycroft

Vice President, Advisory Services

Zach Stanford

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

Nancy L Thomas


Kevin Wheeler

Chief Financial Officer


Joel Naroff

TDn2K Economist