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The 2019 survey will open on March 13th

The survey is distributed after the first quarter of the calendar year and is open for participation to both People Report members and non-members. The final report becomes available in late summer, and pricing for the report is variable according to each company’s membership status and participation in the survey. The survey results are included at no additional cost for People Report members who contribute their data to this study.

The report is broken into two sections: compensation and benefits. Participants include leading restaurant brands from across the nation, and key metrics are shown at the dining segment level as well as segmented based on system-wide sales.


The compensation segment contains industry metrics such as:

  • Base salary
  • Annual bonus
  • Total cash compensation for corporate office and support center roles
  • Pay range and merit increases from the executive level in the corporate offices to the hourly level in the restaurants
  • Detailed variable pay and bonus plan structures as well as additional profit opportunities, such as equity in the company, profit sharing, etc.
  • Payroll costs broken down by department


The benefits segment focuses on the prevalence of benefit offerings in the industry, highlighting differences in usage by segment and company size and including the percentage of cost covered by the employer for commonly used benefit plan:

  • The monthly cost of PPO and HMO plans for employee-only coverage, as well as employee +1 and employee plus family coverage. Metrics are shown by position level for each of the segments and company size groupings.
  • Medical office visit copays, generic and brand name prescription copays, deductibles and out of pocket maximums by position level
  • Health benefits for part-time employees, including average cost of limited benefit plans offered, wellness program usage and commonly offered programs
  • Paid time off policies by position level, including amount of vacation time according to length of employment as well as data on savings and severance plans
  • Additional offers including company cars, dining, tuition, reimbursement, etc.
  • Corporate office staff turnover


To participate in the 2019 Corporate Compensation & Benefits Survey, please fill out the form and a member of our team will contact you shortly.

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Want access to the 2018 report?

The 2018 Corporate Compensation & Benefits Survey is available. Participating TDn2K members have access to the full report in their dashboards. The full report is available for purchase to non-members, and to non-participating TDn2K members at a discounted rate. Contact sales@blackboxintelligence.com for more information on how to receive this comprehensive report.

Some Insights from the 2018 Survey

  • Health plan costs to both the employer and employee have increased between 15 and 32 percent, depending on the type of plan.
  • Even though bonus target payouts for general managers increased a percentage point, actual bonus payouts have remained the same.
  • Top-performing brands in the marketplace tend to provide more compensation incentives to their managers.