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Frequently asked questions

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Do I have to submit data?
Yes. In order to build custom benchmarks for your brand, we ask that you submit data through our Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Don’t worry, we set all this up with you on an orientation call and walk you and your team through the process.

How many segments do you track?
TDn2K tracks the six main restaurant segments including quick service, family dining, fast casual, casual dining, upscale/polished casual & fine dining.
How granular can we see data?
We have data down to the unit level.
What is a DMA?
DMA, or Designated Market Area, is a geographic area that represents specific markets as defined by The Nielsen Company.
How are regions and states defined in reporting?
We define regions and states through the same parameters that are defined by The Nielsen Company.
How do you define a comp unit?
We define a comp unit (comparable unit) as one with at least 78 weeks of data behind it.
Can I see another company’s data?
You cannot see data from other companies in Black Box Intelligence or People Report. Our data is aggregated and provided in benchmark form. We never provide company level data to anyone except your team. You can see the data in White Box Social Intelligence as that is public data pulled from social media sites.
How frequently do I get reports?
The frequency of the reports differs from product to product. Black Box Intelligence reports weekly, People Report reports monthly and White Box Social Intelligence reports by the second (real time).
How will my team view our reporting?
All dashboards and reports are available through our platforms online with controlled access.
Are there fees for adding additional users?
100 users are included with a White Box Social Intelligence membership. More users can be added for an additional cost.
Do you have information on the cost of turnover per employee?
Yes. We can track that data in People Report, but try it out for yourself first! Check out our turnover calculator to reveal the exact cost of employee turnover for your restaurant. If you want some insight on why your employees may be leaving and how to reduce turnover, check out our comprehensive guide on employee benefits and retention.
Is the Corporate Compensation and Benefits Survey and Recruiting a& Turnover Survey included in membership?
Yes, both surveys are included in People Report membership for those who participate.
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