Global Best Practices 2020 Pre Conference Session

Bringing together the most elite human resources professionals in the restaurant industry.

You aren’t imagining it, you are experiencing the toughest labor market of your career. This small group will be focused on the multiple workforce hot topics confronting operators. This is a chance to spend time with peers in a smaller, more confidential environment than conferences.

What is keeping HR execs up at night? Labor scarcity, the gig economy, an unhinged NLRB, #MeToo, rapidly evolving technology and data solutions, government tumult and economic uncertainty are all on the starter list. High performing leaders in top brands understand that dealing with those realities are just table stakes. The real work of recruiting, retaining and developing enough talent to fuel a differentiated and competitive brand requires innovation, creativity, courage and a whole lot of finding the purpose that matters.

Workplace 2019

Gig economy, record high turnover, unhinged NLRB, general government chaos and scary shortages of qualified employees. We’ll tackle it all.

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The size of the prize has never been bigger and the risks have never been greater. TDn2K research connects the dots.

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If culture really does eat strategy for breakfast, lunch & dinner…we need to get better at building & sustaining workplaces that get it.

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Best Places to Work in a #MeToo Era

The pressure on leaders to speak up, walk their talk and model their values is at an all-time high.

2019 Summit Agenda

Welcome & Introductions
8:30 AM
The Courage to Lead Across Generations

Leadership has evolved to include a new view on a traditional component of Leadership. Courage in Leaders is being sought after by colleagues, team members (new and old) in addition to the clients and guests we serve.

In his talk, The Courage to Lead, James connects both mind and emotions to the critical perspectives of courageous leadership. He will ask us to question our decision making, our instincts, our bias and our leadership, reminding us of the leaders we want to be and why we want to be leaders at all. Because numbers, rationale and logic are not enough. We have to look inward and ask ourselves if we have The Courage to Lead.

Your Industry Peers Aren't Your Only Competition for Talent

In today’s tight labor market, finding new talent and keeping that talent engaged is a challenge and promoting talent is impossible with high turnover in the ranks. Our talent cares less about the industry and more about how the job will help them live, grow and pay bills. This means your competitors are eyeing your talent and competing for the same attention.

In this panel session, human capital executives from a variety of industries will talk about the secret ways they target your best workers as well as the tricks they use to attract interested candidates. They will share metrics, tactics and back room strategy conversations about how they are dealing with today’s labor market.

Panelists include Sally Pabin, VP of Talent at the American Heart Association and Janine Steiner Jovanovic, the CEO of JSJ Advisors.

10:00 AM
The Health & Well-Being of Your GMThe deep research of TDn2K and Gallup, as well as the practical experience of every service sector HR executive, makes clear that the GM is the keystone position in any operating brand. Nonetheless, we continue to struggle to attract, retain and develop enough of these mission critical players. This session will explore what the best companies are doing to tackle and solve this crucial challenge for operators.
Joni Thomas Doolin
Founder & Chairwoman
Victor Fernandez
Vice President, Insights and Knowledge
What's Keeping You Up at Night?Moderated by culture expert Jim Knight, this interactive session will allow you to get it all out there! #MeToo, social media virality, labor, wages and more have a profound impact on operators day-to-day lives. Take this chance to discuss with you peers how they are dealing with the toughest challenges of their careers.

HR Executive Summit