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The Scorecard

The TDn2K Scorecard captures what differentiates top sales performers in the restaurant industry by combining financial, workforce and social data from Black Box Intelligence, People Report and White Box Social Intelligence. The TDn2K Scorecard provides the turnover and guest satisfaction scores of the top sales performers (and bottom sales performers) and allows companies to set benchmarks and set key KPIs.

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Restaurant Industry Snapshot™

This monthly update is regarded as the restaurant industry standard in sales and traffic performance. The snapshot is a compilation of real sales and traffic results from 31,000 restaurant units and over 175 restaurant brands. Regularly featured in Nation’s Restaurant News and other industry publications, the snapshot also includes industry workforce trends from People Report.

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Corporate Compensation & Benefits Survey

This annual report answers the question: “Are we rewarding our employees competitively across all levels of the organization?” Metrics include compensation, benefits and other reward practices of leading restaurant brands. Key metrics are shown at the industry level as well as segmented based on system-wide sales.

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5 Stars for Guest Satisfaction

Restaurant Guest Satisfaction Snapshot

This monthly tracker reveals insights on guest feedback and customer satisfaction. Each month it highlights the correlations between online reputation and workforce and financial performance along with current trends drawn from data on 61,000 restaurant units and over 200 brands.

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Turnover Calculator

Did you know turning over one hourly employee costs you $2,171? In a labor market where you know that turnover is hurting your bottom line, it's crucial to stay on top of best in class performance. Just how much it's affecting you? Check out our turnover calculator to find out.

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Workforce Index

This quarterly indicator of current labor market conditions is designed to help recruitment executives make more strategic decisions in response to real-time market conditions. Workforce Index covers employment levels, recruitment difficulty, vacancies, turnover and employment expectations in the foodservice industry.

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