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White Box Social Intelligence™ (WBSI) is the first tool made exclusively for restaurants to validate the impact of online guest satisfaction on financial performance. Track your brand sentiment utilizing key attributes (food, service, value, intent to return etc). WBSI also sheds light on the effect of the brand’s people practices on brand reputation.

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What is White Box?

Social intelligence made easy. Uniquely designed for the restaurant industry by TDn2K, we bridge the gap between marketing and operations by comparing social media data to operational performance metrics. Find out what your customers are saying about you and your largest competitors with the ability to integrate with Black Box Intelligence data for competitive benchmarking.

5 Stars for Guest Satisfaction

Restaurant Guest Satisfaction Snapshot

This monthly tracker reveals insights on guest feedback and customer satisfaction. Each month it highlights the correlations between online reputation and workforce and financial performance along with current trends drawn from data on 61,000 restaurant units and over 200 brands.

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Quarterly ROI Reports

Custom for your brand, these quarterly reports deliver an actionable restaurant industry update on social benchmarks based on top quartile sales performance. Walk into presentations, board meetings and team conversations knowing where you stand in the industry. Custom reporting for your brand available.

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Brand & Competitor Reports

Available weekly monthly and/or quarterly, this report dives into the performance of 6 key operational attributes: food, beverage, service, ambiance, intent to return and value for your brand; and your biggest competitors. Results available by region DMA or unit and integrates your sales and traffic numbers.*

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Trend Lines

Integrates with sales
& traffic data

Define social media ROI with actual sales data. Correlate your Black Box Intelligence sales and traffic with your brand performance. Black Box Intelligence is the only source of private and public company data for the restaurant industry with metrics covering revenue, expense and consumer data. Integrate social with benchmarked intelligence based on timely operational results and consumer insights.

Data Collection

White Box Social Intelligence tracks consumer feedback data from Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Member companies can also integrate additional sources such as a guest feedback survey or website comments for more comprehensive reporting.

Who Uses White Box Social Intelligence?

  • Operations
    • Real-time guest satisfaction scores delivered in operator-designed reports
    • Alerts to concerning situations such as pests, food safety, etc.
  • Marketing
    • Track promotions, campaigns and LTOs in real-time
    • Trends in guests’ conversation about your brand vs competitors
  • Insights
    • Guest feedback on brand, menu, campaigns, etc.
    • Deep competitive insights for benchmarking
  • Finance
    • Quarterly update on which social metrics are correlated with sales, traffic and turnover
    • Data organized by regions, DMA and franchise for seamless integration with Black Box
  • HR
    • Track employee branding initiatives for you and your competitors
    • Alerts to concerning employee situations such as harassment, discrimination, etc.

We were blown away. We are all just really impressed with your product. Our agency had ways to monitor, but it was nothing like this

Stuart Myers

VP of Marketing, Mazzio's Italian Eatery

From a marketing and HR perspective, White Box really helps with talking to operations. White Box data shows them our guest’s real time feedback and where the issues are. It isn’t just me saying we need to fix things, etc. this is what the customers are saying. We can now pin point and identify what is affecting our traffic and sales by using real time customer feedback and follow up and react quickly to the key areas that affect our business.

Donlyn Kwedar

HR/Marketing Director, Big River Restaurant Group

[The White Box ] team will be with you every step of the way for the training and editing of the platform. The platform itself has been great at catching information we could not see previously through social media, and they were able to quickly integrate our personalized surveys into their system. We will continue to enjoy working with their entire team and learning from each other in the future!

Katherine Hanson

Marketing Coordinator, Nando's

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