2018 in Review

Additional Product Improvements in 2018

The TDn2K team was busy in 2018 making improvements to multiple platforms and product offerings. In July, TDn2K debuted Black Box Intelligence v2.5. The release featured median methodology allowing for top and bottom quartile analysis in Sales Intelligence reports. Targeted Competitor Reports were released in the third quarter with an improved format. In October, the Black Box Intelligence Targeted Zip Code report was released, providing financial benchmarking at the local level. Oh, and by the way, did you know Black Box Intelligence turns 10 in 2019?!

In March, v2.5 of White Box Social Intelligence was unveiled. The update included an entirely new user interface with trend analysis, new sentiment metrics and increased flexibility. White Box v3.0 went live in July and featured improved Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities and updated customized topics dashboards. By December of 2018, over 57,060 keywords and phrases were utilized in the White Box Social Intelligence NLP system.

Also in 2018, we conducted the largest ever Corporate Compensation and Benefits Survey (CCBS) with 204 distinct brands participating. CCBS results were released in July. Upgrades, improvements and in-depth analysis were also added to the TDn2K Performance Management Report and TDn2K Scorecard set, research best in class performance across the industry.

TDn2K strives to make continual improvements to all product offerings, to better serve our members.
Stay tuned for much more to come in 2019!

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