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TDn2K™ delivers Workforce, Financial and Guest Satisfaction benchmarks for the Restaurant Industry. TDn2K membership represents over 43,000 restaurant units, over 2.5 million employees and over $68 billion in annual sales revenue.

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Black Box Intelligence | Restaurant Industry Insights for Sales

financial capital performance

Segment, industry and/or cuisine benchmarks with data collected from 30,000 restaurant units, 170 brands and over $68 billion in sales. Data is shown for 11 regions, 50 states, and 195 DMAs and reported on a weekly basis. These insights answer the key business question: “is it me or the market?”.

People Report | Restaurant Industry Insights for Human Resources

human capital performance

Monthly restaurant workforce analytics with compensation, turnover, recruiting and demographic insights. Tracking over 2.5 million million employees, across 11 regions and 189 DMAs, compare your company against any major segment. From your frontline employees to the corporate boardroom, we’ve got you covered.

White Box Social | Restaurant Industry Insights for Guest Satisfaction

Guest Satisfaction Performance

White Box Social Intelligence (WBSI) is the first tool made exclusively for restaurants to validate the impact of online guest satisfaction on financial performance. Track your brand sentiment utilizing key attributes (food, service, value, intent to return etc). WBSI also sheds light on the effect of the brand’s people practices on brand reputation.

The Story Behind Brinker’s New Education Assistance Program [VIDEO]

Last month, Brinker International unveiled its new education assistance program, which became immediately available to all team members across the organization. The program, called “Best You EDU,” was developed in partnership with Pearson, which offers tools, products and services to companies to help provide education to their team members. “Best You EDU” curr...[Read More]
By TDn2K on February 19, 2018

Our Top 6 Takeaways from the 2018 Global Best Practices Conference

The 2018 Global Best Practices Conference has officially wrapped, and the TDn2K team sincerely thanks everyone who joined us for another incredible, inspiring event. It’s been said time and time again that the restaurant industry is undergoing some serious challenges, and it will take a tremendous amount of courage, dedication and expertise for restaurant leaders to weat...[Read More]
By TDn2K on February 16, 2018

Superior Service Continues to Reward Restaurants

Although markets in Florida were able to achieve the top spot based on guest net sentiment* during January based on both food and service, the state was not as dominant as in recent months. In the past, we've seen as many as four of the six restaurant attributes being led by Florida markets based on positive guest sentiment. When it comes to a restaurant's ambiance, it see...[Read More]
By TDn2K on February 15, 2018

Keeping Up With the Demands of a New Workplace

Our country is undergoing incredible social and historic changes. As our demographics and societal norms change, leaders are struggling to keep up with the demands of a new workplace. Political Divides and Societal Changes Our political and ideological divides are more apparent than ever. When coupled with our changing demographics, this leads to some interesting finding...[Read More]
By Liz D'Aloia on February 14, 2018

The State of the Restaurant Employee [Infographic]

TDn2K™ has shared a lot of information in the past about the state of the restaurant industry. But, what about the state of the restaurant employee? Employees can be very volatile when it comes to their needs, flexibility, time and loyalty to your restaurant. That’s why operators need to establish a repeated pulse check throughout the year to measure not only where...[Read More]
By TDn2K on February 12, 2018
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