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2019 Agenda


Sunday, January 27
4:00 PM - 7:00 PMPrairie FoyerCome pick up all your Global Best Practices essentials, your Righteous Clothing conference shirt and reconvene with old friends, meet new friends and get ready for an inspiring few days. Pro Tip: you're encouraged to wear your conference shirt to the opening reception!
Shoes & Booze Community Service Project & Opening Reception5:00 PM - 7:00 PMPrairie FoyerNo TDn2K event is really complete without a way to give back. This year we'll be collecting and decorating canvas shoes to be donated to a local charity. This really is the perfect place to kick off 2019 with old and new industry friends while doing a little good.
Dinner on your own
7:00 PM
Monday, January 28
7:30 AMPrairie Foyer

Start the day with industry friends, coffee and conversation.

HR Executive Summit8:30 AMPrairie B

You aren't imagining it, you are experiencing the toughest labor market of your career. This thought provoking HR Executive Summit will jump start the conference, focused on the multiple workforce hot topics confronting operators. This is a chance to spend time with your peers in a smaller and more interactive environment.

Exactly what is keeping HR execs up at night? Labor scarcity, gig economy, an unpredictable NLRB, #MeToo, rapidly evolving technology and data solutions, government tumult and economic uncertainty are all on the starter list. High performing leaders in top brands understand that dealing with those realities are just table stakes. The real work of recruiting, retaining and developing enough talent to fuel a differentiated and competitive brand requires innovation, creativity, courage and a whole lot of finding the purpose that matters.

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Jim Knight
Founder and Owner
Knight Speaker
John Kelley
White Castle
Courtney Martinez
Vice President, Talent & HR
Houlihan's Restaurants, Inc.
Tanya Corners
Vice President of Human Resources
The Habit Burger Grill
James Pogue, Ph.D
James Pogue Enterprises
Christopher Caserta
VP of Talent Management
Red Lobster
Jason Ferrara
Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer
Sarah King
SVP, Chief Human Resource Officer
Niraj Patel
Senior Consultant
Joni Thomas Doolin
Chairwoman & Founder
FinSights Summit8:30 AMPrairie A

In 2019, Black Box Intelligence will celebrate it's 10th anniversary. Serving a rapidly growing community of operations, finance, marketing and insight teams and uncovering the relevant insights in those numbers is what gets us up every day; and we know the numbers are just the start. This pre-conference session is designed to provide a smaller and more interactive environment where members can tackle the complex competitive and financial pressures currently felt by the chain restaurant industry.

As only TDn2K can do, we will connect the dots between employees, consumers and financial performance. What do the best companies do that makes a difference? This is an opportunity to spend time with your peers, outside experts and thought leaders. Critical discussions will include consumer behavior and insights, the impact of technology, and the critical labor market challenges we face today. As always our focus will be on data that informs with conversations that tackle the tough issues.

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Hope Barnes
Senior Director, FP&A
Front Burner Restaurants
Matt Hood
President and CEO
On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina
Sean Kashanchi
Senior Managing Consultant
Margo Manning
Chief Operations Officer
Dave & Busters
Michael Harms
Vice President, Operations
Michael McNamara
Senior Principal, Spending Pulse
Claudia Schaefer
Chief Marketing Officer | Jamba Juice
Conference Chair
Marie Perry
Chief Financial Officer | Jamba Juice
Conference Chair
Kathleen Koehler
Senior Director, White Box Social Intelligence
Wally Doolin
Lunch on Your Own
11:30 AM

Grab some friends for a tasty lunch at the hotel or at one of the surrounding restaurants at The Boardwalk (walking distance from hotel) or at The Shops at Legacy (1 mile from hotel). Be back by 1:30 PM for the event opening!

General Session
1:30 PMPrairie D - F
Welcome to the Global Best Practices Conference!

Welcome to Global Best Practices 2019, the best place to kick start your year with vision and inspiration.

Kelli Valade
President & CEO
Claudia Schaefer
Chief Marketing Officer | Jamba Juice
Conference Chair
Marie Perry
Chief Financial Officer | Jamba Juice
Conference Chair
Joni Thomas Doolin
Chairwoman & Founder
Wally Doolin
Gallup WorldviewAs the Global Practice Leader of Gallup, Ed O'Boyle has the pulse of the workplace and the marketplace. Gallup knows more about the attitudes and behaviors of employees, customers, students and citizens than any other organization in the world. You do not want to miss this opening keynote.
Ed O’Boyle
Global Practice Leader
TDn2K Talk #1: Market Share

The real power of TDn2K research on the workplace and the marketplace can be found when we dig deep into the factors that drive brand performance. What really separates the best from the rest? Taking a page out of the TED Talk playbook, we will be sharing our most recent insights and top predictions for where the industry is headed in 2019 throughout the conference in our TDn2K Talks.

Topic one: MARKET SHARE. Traffic growth for chain restaurants has been negative for over three years. Who is stealing this food spend? Find out how independents, grocery stores and others play into the battle for market share.

Speakers: Sheryl Coyne-Batson & Zach Stanford

Frozen Happiness: How Small Treats Create Big Impact

Kathleen Wood has been contributing to the GBPC community for decades. She has covered topics as diverse as multi-generational leadership, innovation curves and the power of philanthropy. In this session, we'll learn about Suzy Swirl's most recent endeavor: Frozen Happiness; a delicious treat in a cup that proves you don't have to give big to make a big impact on your community. There may even be a sample or two during the break!

Kathleen Wood
Suzy's Swirl
3:30 PMSponsored by Suzy's Swirl
Diamond Catalyst Award PresentationThe Diamond Catalyst Award is a tribute to superior operational and workplace results. Eligible companies are members of both People Report™ and Black Box Intelligence™ and are evaluated based on sales and traffic performance as well as employment and people practices. The recipient of this award sets the standard for overall best in class business performance.

The Diamond Catalyst was given for the first time in 2013. Previous winners include: The Cheesecake Factory, White Castle, Dave & Buster's, Olive Garden and Panera.

The 7 Choices to Ignite Your Radically Inspired Life

We live in a world where “accidental living” – mindlessly moving through routines, wasting countless hours on social media or complaining about what’s wrong in our jobs, families and society – has become the norm. But John O’Leary reminds us that just because we got out of bed this morning, does not mean that we are truly living.

What would our day, impact and output look like if we lived a radically inspired life, every single day?

John will share the insights that can transform our lives and our businesses from his #1 national bestselling book ON FIRE: The 7 Choices to Ignite a Radically Inspired Life.

Are you ready to live on fire?

John O’Leary
Live Inspired
Mindfulness & Merlot: Leadership ExpandedRand Stagen is the Founder and Managing Director of the nationally acclaimed Stagen Leadership Academy. His organization trains CEO's, entrepreneurs and community leaders across North America. Rand closes the day by sharing the keys to expand a leader's capacity for self-awareness, intentionality and influence.
Rand Stagen
Managing Director
Cocktail Party
5:30 - 7:30 PMPrairie A - C
Tuesday, January 29
Breakfast Buffet
8:00 AMPrairie Foyer
General Session
9:00 AM - 5:30 PMPrairie D - F
Morning with JoeBack by popular demand, Joe Kefauver, Managing Partner of Align Public Strategies informs and opines on the tough public policy issues impacting our industry. Facilitated by Sarah Lockyer, award winning journalist and Group Publisher for Nation's Restaurant News this session will cover the midterm election implications for operators, along with can't miss opportunities to win the workforce.
Sarah Lockyer
Group Publisher
NRN Restaurant & Food Group
Joe Kefauver
Managing Partner
Align Public Strategies
TDn2K Talk #2: Service

Based on studying hundreds of brands for the past decade, we know what the leaders are doing differently and how you can implement those best practices into your success in the year ahead. Topic two: SERVICE.

Speakers: Michael Harms & Kathleen Koehler

The Heart of the Workplace AwardThe Heart of the Workplace Award is presented to the company that demonstrates significant commitment to and investment in their employees and communities. Winners from previous years include BJ's Restaurants, Red Lobster, Panera Bread, Chili’s, Red Robin and Darden Restaurants.
How Sustainable Businesses ThriveThis year’s Best Practices nominations made it very clear that sustainability has crossed from trend to requisite for thriving brands. Josh Prigge, recognized expert and advisor to chains and communities, will talk about the real impact of a sustainable strategy on both the workplace and the bottom line.
Josh Prigge
Founder and CEO
Be Straw Free: Vision and Leadership from Gen ZThe 8-year-old who founded Be Straw Free returns to the TDn2K stage to share his journey and the remarkable progress that has been made since then. Six years ago, Milo brought his message and plea to our community to at least consider making single use plastic straws optional. Today, major brands and entire municipalities are stepping up to reduce plastic pollution of our waterways and oceans.
Milo Cress
Be Straw Free
TDn2K Talk #3: 3PD

This powerful session will cover the most recent TDn2K research on 3PD as well as an overview of its operational impacts. The research answers questions about costs, staffing implications and the key concerns of selling food and beverage indirectly to guests.

Speakers: Victor Fernandez & Kathleen Koehler

Best Practices Awards Luncheon & 10 Year Black Box Intelligence Celebration!The most anticipated gathering of the conference, we'll recognize and celebrate those companies who are leading the industry and achieved best-in-class performance in 2018. Kicking things off will be a special look back and celebration of 10 years of Black Box Intelligence, complete with obligatory champagne toast!
"Me" to "We": How to Outpace Today's Disruptive MarketplaceSimon Mainwaring, founder and CEO of the We First Branding agency, is an internationally acclaimed speaker and author of We First: How Brands and Consumers Use Social Media to Renew Capitalism and Build a Better World.
Simon Mainwaring
Founder and CEO
TDn2K Talk #4: Workforce

In the TDn2K Talk finale, don’t miss the insights that relate to the most important part of your business — your people. Topic four: WORKFORCE.

Speakers: Jennifer Hubert & Victor Fernandez

2:30Sponsored by The Cheesecake Factory
GM Connect LivePeople Report has partnered with the deeply respected Gallup firm to measure General Management engagement in the restaurant industry. You will not want to miss this dynamic panel of general managers, who will share what is working (or not working) to keep them excited about their work and their careers. Moderated by Lou Kaucic, former CPO of Applebees and CEO & Founder of Coaches Collective.
Michael Peters
General Manager
The Cheesecake Factory
Algina Glenn
General Manager
la Madeleine
Roy Mascorro
General Manager
Chili's Grill & Bar
Michael Hamilton
Managing Partner, LongHorn Steakhouse
Darden Restaurants
Lou Kaucic
Founder & CEO
Coaches Collective Intl.
Workplace Legacy Award Presentation

The Workplace Legacy Award recognizes a leader in the restaurant industry who has clearly demonstrated success in balancing superior people practices and best in class operational results. In addition, their employees, organizations and communities have benefited from their leadership.

The Workplace Legacy Award has honored incredible industry leaders including Sally Smith, President and CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings, Greg Creed, CEO of Taco Bell, Gene Lee, President and CEO of Darden Restaurants and Danny Meyer, CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group. The 2019 award will be presented to Steve King of Dave & Busters, to honor his unwavering commitment to the restaurant workforce.

Sharing the Memo of Financial Literacy

John Hope Bryant is an American entrepreneur, author, philanthropist and prominent thought leader on financial inclusion, economic empowerment and financial dignity. He has built more than 40 organizations, entities and companies, including Operation HOPE, the largest non-profit financial inclusion organization in the country. Recognized worldwide as an innovator in banking, he has served as an advisor to presidents of both parties, big city mayors, the World Economic Forum and countless other organizations.

John believes that within the vast ‘Invisible Class’ is untapped GDP, entrepreneurial brilliance and prosperity for all waiting to be born. An electrifying speaker and thought leader, he challenges us to find the ways to share “The Memo” of financial literacy with our employees, creating workplaces that can thrive and employing a workforce that can continue to grow.

John Hope Bryant
Chairman and CEO
Operation HOPE
Looking Ahead; Starting with the Woman in the MirrorThere is no better leader to wrap our time together and weave the messages of Global Best Practices. From her days as an intern who helped write the business plan of People Report, through her career with Carlson & Brinker as an HR leader and an operator, no one has more insight into the power of connecting the dots between people and profits. A purpose driven leader, focused on the wellbeing of her workforce and the communities that they serve, Kelli will share her unique story - and why she believes that we all have the power to make a difference.
Kelli Valade
President & CEO
Legacy Award Celebration Cocktail Party
5:30 PMPrairie B
Wednesday, January 30
Continental Breakfast
8:00 AMPrairie A
Changers of Commerce9:00 AM - 12:00 PMPrairie A

Founded in 2009 by a group of like-minded business colleagues and friends, Changers of Commerce is a movement to create awareness about the power of doing well by doing good. Called conscious, creative and connected capitalism, its essence is the intentional focus on elevating the lives of our employees, guests and members of our community through our work.

Each year during TDn2K events, we host an extra session for anyone seeking to learn and be inspired by the individuals and brands operating as Changers of Commerce. As a result, we have raised funds for dozens of non-profits, traveled to Ethiopia, Rwanda, Haiti and Honduras; blogged, tweeted, Facebooked and networked.

All are welcome. Expect to be inspired.

Jamie Griffin
Good Workforce
Daron Babcock
Executive Director
Bonton Farms
Kathleen Wood
Suzy's Swirl
Amanda Hite
Chief Executive Officer
BTC Revolutions
Curtis Hite
Chief Executive Officer
Beaux Wellborn
HCM Process Consultant
Milo Cress
Be Straw Free
Joni Doolin
Founder & CEO

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