Global Best Practices Conference

Tuesday, January 28
Opening Reception5:00 PMMelody 1

The opening reception is the perfect place to kick off 2020. Expect lively conversation with old and new industry friends and get ready for an inspiring few days.

Hospitality Suite7:00 PM - 10:30 PMHosted by TDn2K & Ecolab, please join us before or after your dinner plans for a drink or night cap. We look forward to recapping an insights packed day with you in the Presidential Suite.
Wednesday, January 29
7:30 AM - 8:30 AMHarmony FoyerFuel up with fellow attendees and get ready for the 2020 Vision Supersession.
2020 Vision Supersession8:30 AMMelody 1 - 3

Uncertainty in the markets, the government, the election cycle, consumer preferences and employee expectations will undoubtedly roll from 2019 into 2020. Kick off your conference experience with a rapid fire, interactive, expert and operator led deep dive into the issues that will confront and challenge all of us. This is a chance to listen, learn and discuss in a format designed to allow all three. We will be including some leading experts, operators and the TDn2K team to make sure that the first three hours of Global Best Practices are a must attend event.

Moderated by Sarah Lockyer, Group Publisher of Informa, Restaurant & Food Group and the TDn2K team, we’ll be looking at four big things to watch in 2020:

  • The Current Legislative Landscape Confronting Operators
  • Shifting Consumer and Employee Values
  • Digital Communication Fueling a Loneliness Epidemic
  • The Workplace; including Gig Economy, Non-Traditional Staffing and Building Culture

Speaker Roster includes: Joe Kefauver, Managing Partner Align Public Policy; Andy Hooper, President & COO & Pizza; Michael Harms, VP Operations, TDn2K; James Pogue, Generational Expert; Jason Ferrara, CMO Outmatch; Wally Doolin, Chairman TDn2K; James Fripp, Global VP Diversity Yum! Brands.

David Cantu
Chief Customer Officer & Co-Founder
Hot Schedules
Sanjiv Razdan
Ray Blanchette
TGI Fridays
Jason Ferrara
Andy Hooper
President & COO
Sarah Lockyer
Group Publisher
Nishant Machado
CEO and President
Macaroni Grill
James Pogue
National Keynote Speaker
James Fripp
Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer | Yum! Brands
Conference Chair
Joe Kefauver
Managing Partner
Align Public Strategy
Lunch on Your Own
11:30 AM
General Session
1:30 PMHarmony Ball Room
Welcome to GBPC1:30 PM

Welcome to Global Best Practices 2020, your source of best-in-class education and inspiration for the year kicked of by the traditional star spangled banner; led by TDn2K rockstars Philip May & Victor Fernandez.

James Fripp
Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer | Yum! Brands
Conference Chair
Avery Block
Manager, Digital Customer Care | Taco Bell
Conference Chair
Navigating The Global Economy 1:45 PM

The global economy is more confusing and challenging than ever, but successful navigation of macro trends will still provide operators with the opportunity to beat the competition. No one knows these markets better than Carlos Herrera, chief economist for Coca-Cola. Always an entertaining rollercoaster ride, Carlos will kick off the conference with the view from 40,000 feet.

Carlos Herrera
Positively Political2:20 PM

We may already be sick of it, but we still want to know how this election cycle is expected to impact the restaurant industry. Joe Kefauver, TDn2K partner and public policy advisor, will bring his crystal ball and share indispensable advice for operators, regardless of who wins at the polls.

Joe Kefauver
Managing Partner
Align Public Strategies
TDn2K Talk: State of the Industry2:40 PM

2019 is in the rearview mirror; what did we learn? How did the best beat the rest? Additionally, we'll be discussing what we believe the year ahead holds for our industry. TDn2K CEO Kelli Valade tees up the discussion about how brands will thrive in 2020 and beyond.

Speaker: Kelli Valade

3:10 PM
TDn2K Talk: Understanding the 2020 Fickle Restaurant Consumer3:40 PM

With shifting consumer preferences and attitudes, keeping customers engaged is no easy feat for operators. Through thoughtful analysis of extensive data, take a deep dive into the evolving needs of the 2020 consumer.

Speakers: Emily Bennett & Zach Stanford

Diamond Catalyst Award Presentation4:00 PM

Presentation of the most prestigious award, recognizing one of our most elite clients for superior operational and workplace results. Eligible companies are evaluated based on sales and traffic performance as well as employment and people practices, setting the standard for overall best-in-class business performance.

Sustainable Success Requires Purpose4:15 PMFor two decades, John Izzo has studied, predicted and advised on the societal shifts impacting workers and consumers. From his first book, Awakening Corporate Soul, to his most recent, Stepping Up, John has coached hundreds of leaders and world class organizations on what is required for sustainable success; as humans and as businesses. John believes passionately that the key is purpose, and his purpose is to help us all arrive there.
John Izzo
Author, Co-Founder
The Men's Initiative
Thank you, Toast + TDn2K Next!5:00 PM
5:30 PM
Hospitality Suite7:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Hosted by TDn2K & Ecolab, please joing us before or after your dinner plans for a drink or night cap. We look forward to recaping an insights packed day with you in the Presidential Suite.

Thursday, January 30
7:30 AMMelody 1 - 3

Get ready for the final day of the 25th Global Best Practices Conference!

General Session
8:30 AMHarmony Grand Ballroom
Brand Best Practices: The YUM! Story8:30 AM
James Fripp
Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer | Yum! Brands
Conference Chair
Avery Block
Manager, Digital Customer Care | Taco Bell
Conference Chair
The RIGHT kind of Uncomfortable8:55 AM

Being a senior leader today comes with the responsibility of fully engaging in the tough conversations around diversity, inclusion and bias that are playing out every day in our workplaces and with our customers. CEOs and all senior leaders are being called to deeply listen, engage and model the behaviors required in today’s hyper charged environment of #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, Immigration uncertainty and so much more.

James Pogue
National Keynote Speaker
TDn2K Talk: Workforce9:30 AM

There is no escaping the brutal truth and the real bottom line of performance; our success in creating a thriving workplace is the key indicator of a prosperous brand. The latest and greatest people research revealed.

Speaker: Victor Fernandez

10:00 AM
The Courage to Lead Beyond the P&L10:15 AM

The Denny’s brand story, under John Miller's leadership, is a textbook example of a turnaround that should not have been possible. Plagued by years of acrimonious franchisee relationships, employee unrest, racial tensions, eroding sales and a tarnished brand reputation, the challenges faced and accepted by Miller were daunting. Ten years later, the story is now one of an organization that found success by rethinking the way they do business. You don't want to miss it.

John Miller
Heart of the Workplace Award Presentation10:50 AM

Companies who do well while doing good are special places to work and to dine. They anchor their communities by paying it forward, leaving it better than they found it and always asking "what more can we do for our employees and guests? This is our chance to honor one of our own, a company that demonstrates significant commitment to and investment in their employees and communities.

11:00 AM
Breakout Sessions
11:15 AMMelody 1, 2, 3
Breakout: 3PD & Off-Premise

The hottest topic in restaurants is who is NOT inside the building; the guests. 3PD (3rd party delivery), Amazon/Whole Foods grocery delivery, grab & go and ghost kitchens are stealing share. We are at a crossroads of shifting consumer demands and a battle for traffic. This session will cover new research from Gallup and TDn2K on the latest trends and predictions for this explosive disruptor of traditional restaurant experiences.

Sean Kasanchi
Senior Managing Consultant
John Cywinski
Victor Fernandez
Vice President, Insights and Knowledge
Breakout: Consumer Vision 2020

Do you know who your guests are and where they cheat on you? It’s a heated race to understand our consumers but the brands who figure it out have the real competitive advantage. Through Consumer Intelligence and Guest Intelligence, that conversation is deeply informed. Join the TDn2K team and some best-in-class operators to learn about how that happens.

Allison Schulder
Chief Financial Officer
True Food Kitchen
Sheryl Coyne-Batson
Vice President, Partnerships & Client Success
Zach Stanford
Business Intelligence Advisor
Breakout: Workforce Technology

It's not about replacing employees, it's about making their lives better. Yes, AI is a thing. Kitchens will get smaller and mundane tasks like washing dishes and flipping burgers could go to the robots. But we will still need to hire millions of employees in the next decade, who will be harder to find and retain. Moderated by TDn2K's CIO, Scott Hicks along with the industry's leading technology providers, we'll discuss the solutions operators are employing to make it easier to recruit, pay, train and retain.

Craig Irvine
Vice President, Business Development
BCS Financial
Steve Barha
Founder & Executive Chairman
Instant Financial
Dan Sines
Scott Hicks
12:15 PM
Best Practices Awards Luncheon
12:30 PMHarmony Ball Room

The most anticipated gathering of the conference, led and presented by TDn2K's Client Success team, we will recognize and celebrate companies who are leading the industry and achieved best-in-class performance in 2019. The Best Practices Awards are given to restaurants who lead the pack in categories such as workforce diversity, community involvement and sustainable practices.

General Session
2:00 PMHarmony Ball Room
The Master Plan2:00 PM

Chris Wilson’s story is one that is repeated far too often in a society plagued with urban violence, deteriorating public schools and a mass incarceration rate that is the highest in the world. Where his story is remarkable and uncommon is how Chris responded to these early in life challenges. You will be stunned and inspired by his journey of first creating a “Master Plan” for his own success and how he has dedicated himself to sharing his success with others who need a non-traditional pathway into the workforce.

Chris Wilson
CEO & Owner
Barclay Investment Corporation
Eat. Drink. Change Lives.2:35 PM

In 2012 Chef Chad Houser sold his successful and award-winning partnership to devote his full attention to opening Café Momentum, fulfilling his vision to create a better path for juvenile offenders exiting detention. Since then, over 400 young men and women have completed the one-year internships that set them up with the job and life skills to ensure they do not wind up back in jail. Chad has always understood the power of a restaurant career to be a foundation for personal and professional success. You do not want to miss this extraordinary chance to listen to the stories of some of his workers and graduates.

Chad Houser
Ex. Director, Chef
Cafe Momentum
3:05 PM
Workplace Legacy Award3:20 PM

The Workplace Legacy Award recognizes a leader in the restaurant industry who has clearly demonstrated success in balancing superior people practices and best-in-class operational results. In addition, their employees, organizations and communities have benefited from their leadership. The 2020 recipients are David Gordon, President and Dina Barmase, SVP of HR of The Cheesecake Factory Inc.

Leadership Outside the Bun3:50 PM

Greg Creed is a legendary marketer who ultimately became equally renowned as the leader and immediate past CEO of YUM Brands. The winner of the 2010 Workplace Legacy Award, one of this trademark expressions is, “the guest experience can never exceed the employee experience.” Greg has always made certain to lead with head and heart. His humor, humility, courage and genuine respect for every person who touches the brands he's led, have made him a beacon in these tumultuous times.

Greg Creed
Immediate Past CEO
Yum! Brands
Closing Reception
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Let's raise one more glass together and reflect on a great few days together. Please join us and we look forward to seeing you in 2021!

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