Global Best Practices Conference

January 27-29, 2019 // Dallas, Texas
Registration opens in September

2018 Agenda

Sunday, January 28
3:00 PM - 7:30 PMPrairie Foyer

Come down to registration to pick up all your Global Best Practices essentials, reconvene with old friends, meet new friends and get ready for an inspiring few days.

Service and Spirits - Community Service Project4:00 PM - 5:30 PMPrairie C

No TDn2K event is really complete without a way to give back. This year, our conference community service project will support our local Greater Dallas Boys & Girls Club and our partners at No Kid Hungry. We will fill backpacks to help kids who don't have enough to eat to make it through the weekend. Show up ready to set some records, as we work together to fill 1000 bags. This is really the perfect place to kick off 2018 with old and new industry friends while doing a little good.

Service and Spirits - Opening Cocktail Party5:30 PM -7:30 PMPrairie Foyer

Sponsored by Marketing Vitals

Monday, January 29
Continental Breakfast
9:00 AM - 9:30 AMPrairie Foyer

Start the day with industry friends, coffee and conversation.

Unleashing Employee Engagement in 20189:30 AM - 12:00 PMPrairie A

How do the experiences your employees have each shift leave them feeling about work and your organization? An engaging employee experience leads to happier employees, a better customer experience and improved business outcomes. In this session, culture and engagement expert Jason Lauritsen will help us find a new understanding of work as a relationship with employees and explore how to design a work experience that unleashes employee engagement.

Gallup has researched, benchmarked and analyzed workforce and workplaces for decades. Their work informs and advises companies worldwide. Ed O’Boyle, Global Practice Leader, will kick off the morning with an update on trends in engagement and a forecast for what service sector employers will face this year.

Ed O’Boyle
Global Practice Leader
Chris Ebbeler
Director, Social Media & Community Engagement
Gini Quiroz
Director of Team Member Engagement
K&N Management
Jason Lauritsen
Keynote Speaker &
Employee Engagement Expert
Avery Block
Manager, Restaurant Experience
Taco Bell
What Winners Understand: Trifecta Performance Management9:30 AM - 11:30 AMPrairie C

We’ve all heard the adage “You Get What You Measure”. But that’s true only when we measure the right things. Join us for an interactive discussion of how best-in-class companies identify and track the critical parts of their business. How do they decide which metrics matter? How do they establish accountability and share information across their organizations? What are the systems and feedback loops that keep them focused on the big picture? If you're looking to learn, collaborate and share best practices, this is a session you can not miss!

Joe Hummel
Twin Peaks Restaurants
Bill Streitberger
Chief People Officer
Logan's Roadhouse
John Cahill
President & COO
la Madeleine French Bakery & Cafe
Kathleen Buehler
Senior Director
White Box Social Intelligence
Bob Rycroft
VP, Advisory Services
Michael Harms
Exec. Director of Operations
Lunch on Your Own
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Grab some friends for a tasty lunch at the hotel or at one of the surrounding restaurants at The Boardwalk (walking distance from hotel) or at The Shops at Legacy (1 mile from hotel). Be back by 1:30 pm for the event opening!

General Session
1:30 PM - 5:30 PMPrairie D

Conference Opening

Welcome to Global Best Practices 2018, your one stop shop for vision and inspiration for the year. Don't miss the kickoff with Joni Thomas Doolin, CEO of TDn2K and our industry chairs, Denny Post, CEO and Carin Stutz, COO of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers.

Denny Post
Conference Chair
CEO, Red Robin
Carin Stutz
Conference Chair
EVP & COO, Red Robin
Joni Thomas Doolin
Founder & CEO
Plano Mayor Welcomes You to Global Best Practices

Mayor Harry LaRosiliere was elected as the 39th Mayor of the City of Plano in May 2013. One of his key initiatives, the Economic Development Fund, has helped bring almost 17,000 jobs to Plano, TX and land corporate citizens such as Capital One, Pizza Hut, USAA, FedEx, Toyota and many more. Don’t miss this special treat during the opening of BPC!

Harry LaRosiliere
City of Plano

What can leaders do in this time of unprecedented turmoil and the continued erosion of institutional trust? Utilizing his knowledge and experience as an operator, researcher, board member and Army captain, Wally Doolin explores the cry for courageous leadership that really matters.

Wally Doolin
Chairman & Founder
The Fierce Urgency of HOW

In an era when companies are increasingly under pressure to return quarterly profits and reduce costs on all fronts, Mike Eichenwald addresses “The Fierce Urgency of HOW,” the philosophy that underpins LRN’s work over the past quarter century. LRN has helped some of the world’s most respected companies build “do it right,” winning cultures and inspire principled performance throughout their organizations. Mike will explain the forces that have fundamentally reshaped our work and why how we behave, lead, govern, operate, consume, engender trust in our relationships and relate to others matters more than ever and in ways it never has before.

Mike Eichenwald
Advisory Leader
Break2:45 PM - 3:15 PM

How to Win Sales, Talent & Market Share in 2018

We all know that 2017 was hard. The BIG question for companies now is HOW we make 2018 a successful year for our brand. Join us as we discuss the latest research and insights from TDn2K with a special focus on the trends and practices of top performing companies in the industry. What are the winning factors of best-in-class brands that can help us compete for sales, talent and market share? This session is sure to set up for success in 2018.

Steve King
Dave & Buster's
Joel Naroff
TDn2K Economist
Naroff Economics
Jennifer Hubert
Director of Analysis
Victor Fernandez
Exec. Director of Insights & Knowledge
The Independents Are Eating Your Lunch; This is Why

Chain restaurants are losing share to a new breed of operators. They are nimble, innovative, embracing sustainability and adopting local practices. What can we learn from their stories?

Kristofor Lofgren
Founder | CEO
Sustainable Restaurant Group
Presentation of the Diamond Catalyst Award

The Diamond Catalyst Award is a tribute to superior operational and workplace results. Eligible companies are members of both People Report™ and Black Box Intelligence™ and are evaluated based on sales and traffic performance as well as employment and people practices. The recipient of this award sets the standard for overall best in class business performance. The Diamond Catalyst was given for the first time in 2013. Previous winners include: The Cheesecake Factory, White Castle, Dave & Buster's and Olive Garden.

Passion on Purpose: Turning Corporate Culture into Competitive Advantage

As businesses prepare for the next cycle of growth and change, leaders need to understand the needs and expectations of the modern workforce. Companies that maximize human potential and elevate performance will be the winners. To do that today, you need a healthy organization with tuned-in employees, authentic leadership, open communication and trust. Leaders are called to cultivate the kind of workplace where people come first and performance and profit follow.

Ryan Estis
CEO I Keynote Speaker
Ryan Estis & Associates

The traditional end of day toast with your Global Best Practices Community.

Sponsored by Fetzer

Diamond Catalyst Award Celebration & Cocktail Party5:30 PM - 7:30 PMPrairie A - C

Sponsored by Coke

Tuesday, January 30
Breakfast Buffet
8:00 AMPrairie Foyer

General Session
9:00 AM - 5:30 PMPrairie D

Morning with Joe

The barrage of regulatory and public policy issues facing restaurateurs continue to play out on the national, state and local stages. Just keeping up is hard enough, but the goal is to get ahead and have a voice. Align Public Strategies Managing Director, Joe Kefauver, is one of the best informed, bipartisan and most passionate advocates for the industry. You do not want to miss this update and forecast for 2018.

Sarah Lockyer
SVP Content
Winsight Media
Joe Kefauver
Managing Partner
Align Public Strategy
The Heart of the Workplace Award

The Heart of the Workplace Award is presented to the company that demonstrates significant commitment to and investment in their employees and communities. Winners from previous years include Red Lobster, Panera Bread, Chili’s, Red Robin and Darden Restaurants.

Brand Story: The Red Robin Journey

A candid conversation with two seasoned executives Carin and Denny are two of the most authentic and transparent leaders in the industry who will share the lessons they have learned so far. New in their roles and newly working together, these women are moving the needle on the how and the why of leadership at Red Robin.

Lou Kaucic
Founder & CEO
Coaches Collective Intl.
Denny Post
Conference Chair
CEO, Red Robin
Carin Stutz
Conference Chair
EVP & COO, Red Robin
The Thrive Farmers Story

Tom Matthesen will share the remarkable story on how the creation of Thrive Farmers provided a deeper understanding of sustainability and profitable reinvention of the supply chain. Its mission to reestablish market-level participation from farmers themselves provides insight into savvy and conscious business practice. For organizations looking for ways to differentiate that resonate with both consumers and employees, the Thrive Farmers story holds many lessons.

Tom Matthesen
Thrive Farmers International
10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Next Practices Breakout Sessions
11:00 AM-12 PMPrairie A, B & C

It’s 2018: You Need a New Strategy for Total Rewards11:00 AM-12 PMPrairie A

Last year at the HR Summit, we discussed adopting a holistic approach to retention. Since then, the labor market has continued to tighten, retention rates of both managers and employees continue to deteriorate and the tax code just changed. According to recent People Report research, restaurant hourly employees and managers are increasingly quitting their jobs for better compensation. This session is designed to highlight some emerging ideas related to Total Rewards: some in incubator status, some in pilot and others more ingrained in practices and cultures of leading brands.Our expert panel will lead the discussion and share some of the ideas that are driving rewards innovation at their organizations.The ideas that have gotten us to this point won’t be enough to even maintain status from a talent perspective. This is our chance to think and act differently to ensure our workforce is available and engaged!

Lynne Bartusek
Bartusek Advisory Services, LLC
Coley O’Brien
Chief People Officer
The Wendy's Company
Mark Simpson
Vice President Legendary People
Texas Roadhouse
Amy Cohen
Benefits, Comp & HRIS, Noodles & Co.
President, CRTRA
Victor Fernandez
VP, Insights & Knowledge
Sustainability in Chain Restaurants: Time to Fire it Up!11:00 AM-12 PMPrairie B

Sustainability is a buzz word that continues to be thrown around, but what exactly does it mean for the restaurant industry? With the emergence of three interrelated and interconnected trends including declining natural resources, radical transparency and increasing consumer expectations, sustainability isn't just an opportunity for chain restaurants, but will be imperative to the long-term health and success of the industry. This session will examine the state of sustainability in the chain restaurant industry, discuss the many benefits of a corporate commitment to sustainability and layout the important steps that need to be taken when developing and implementing sustainability programs.

Josh Prigge
Tom Matthesen
Thrive Farmers International
Kristofor Lofgren
Founder | CEO
Sustainable Restaurant Group
Leading the Share Game in a Crowded, Confusing Marketplace11:00 AM-12 PMPrairie C

We all know we are in a share world, but with who? Is it Amazon, Kroger, 7-11, Starbucks, the Ford dealer or all of the above? In this session, we will look at data that helps us understand the share war and how to win it at each level.

Michael McNamara
VP, Senior Principal
Joel Doherty
Vice President, Restaurant Solutions
Rom Krupp
Marketing Vitals
Kathleen Buehler
Senior Director
White Box Social Intelligence
Wally Doolin
Chairman & Founder
BP Award Luncheon12:15 PMPrairie D

The most anticipated gathering of the conference, we'll recognize and celebrate those companies who are leading the industry and achieved best-in-class performance in 2017.

The Real Frontline of Leadership: Your General Manager2:00PM

Your General Manager is the CEO of their business, the mayor of the neighborhood and the leader who matters most to your frontline employees. TDn2K research validates that the biggest difference between top and bottom performing brands, is the care and development of their GM's. This panel of award winning GM's will share why they stay, how they win and what makes a difference - to them. Moderated by Tom Gathers.

Mark Allen
General Manager
Natalie Herzberg
Managing Partner
Seasons 52
Meredith Doll
General Manager
Shake Shack
Tom Gathers
Chief People Officer
Red Lobster
Workplace Health: Bringing the Industry's Substance Abuse Issue Out of the Shadows

With the nation's raging opioid epidemic claiming nearly 100 lives per day, and research showing that foodservice and hospitality is the leading workplace for substance abuse, new leadership is needed to address this growing problem.

Industry veteran Rick Van Warner, author of On Pills and Needles: The Relentless Fight to Save My Son from Opioid Addiction, will share valuable insights into the opioid crisis, hospitality workforce drug abuse, and tips to combat this issue. He'll also share lessons learned from his family's own 9-year battle to keep their opioid addicted son alive.

Rick Van Warner
The Parquet Group
3:10 PM - 3:40 PM

What Matters Most; What Matters Now

Setting the stage for an inspiration filled afternoon.

Joni Doolin
Founder & CEO
Sharing Strength: Revitalizing Our Workforce and Our Democracy

An iconic leader, Bill Shore has shared his vision of ending childhood hunger in the US, and built a coalition of restaurant business leaders and communities who are working tirelessly to make that vision a reality. Today more than ever, Bill calls us to rise up, not as partisans, but as conscious leaders who are committed to elevating our workplaces, neighborhoods and the guests we serve.

Bill Shore
No Kid Hungry
Roy Spence: The Promiseland Project

Reverend Roy Spence never wastes a chance to connect the audience to the work that they are being called to do, and why they are being called to do it. Author of the groundbreaking retail game changer: "It’s Not What You Sell, It’s What You Stand For", and co-founder of the Conscious Capitalism movement, Roy has a passionate mission to help businesses understand that the way forward is through caring more than their competitors about the things that matter to employees and customers. His newest campaign, The Promiseland Project, focuses on citizens, communities and companies joining to discover and cultivate the purpose of “US”.

Roy Spence
Co-Founder & Chairman
The Purpose Institute
Workplace Legacy Award Presentation

The Workplace Legacy Award recognizes a leader in the restaurant industry who has clearly demonstrated success in balancing superior people practices and best in class operational results. In addition, their employees, organizations and communities have benefited from their leadership.

The Workplace Legacy Award has honored incredible industry leaders including Steve Carley, immediate past CEO of Red Robin, Sally Smith, President and CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings, Greg Creed, CEO of Taco Bell and Gene Lee, President and CEO of Darden Restaurants. In 2018 we will honor industry icon Danny Meyer, founder and CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group.

Danny Meyer
Union Square Hospitality
Joni Thomas Doolin
Founder & CEO
Conference Close
5:00 PM

Legacy Award Celebration & Cocktail Party5:30 PMPrairie C

Join us for one last glass of wine to celebrate the last few days. Sponsored by Fetzer.

Wednesday, January 31
Continental Breakfast
8:00 AMPrairie A

Changers of Commerce9:00 AM - 12:00 PMPrairie A

Founded in 2009 by a group of like-minded business colleagues and friends, Changers of Commerce is a movement to create awareness about the power of doing well by doing good. Called conscious, creative and connected capitalism, its essence is the intentional focus on elevating the lives of our employees, guests and members of our community through our work.

Each year during TDn2K events, we host an extra session for anyone seeking to learn and be inspired by the individuals and brands operating as Changers of Commerce. As a result, we have raised funds for dozens of non-profits, traveled to Ethiopia, Rwanda, Haiti and Honduras; blogged, tweeted, Facebooked and networked.

All are welcome. Expect to be inspired.

Rand Stagen
Managing Director
Stagen Leadership Academy
Amanda Hite
Co Founder, CEO
Be The Change Revolutions
Sarah Palisi Chapin
The Chapin Group
Mark Davis Bailey
President & CEO
The Original Pancake House
Rev. Rachel Baughman
Senior Pastor
Oak Lawn United Methodist Church
Jamie Griffin
Founder & Principal
Good Workforce
Joni Thomas Doolin
Founder & CEO

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