Targeted Competitor Reports for Compensation and Turnover

If you are looking for a view of your performance to compare to a custom set of your direct competitors, the tool for you is a Targeted Competitor Report! We have two different types of reports available, one for compensation and one for turnover.

What is a Targeted Competitor Report for Compensation? Custom analysis of your restaurant management pay against a select group of companies to help you better understand any competitive edges or shortfalls in your total pay practices. The report comes in two parts – total cash compensation for tenured managers as well as base pay and hourly rates for the general population.

What is a Targeted Competitor Report for Turnover? This report offers custom analysis of your turnover performance against a select group of companies to help you better understand any competitive edges or shortfalls as it relates to employee retention. The report includes the same turnover dashboard you are used to seeing in your monthly dashboards for the competitive set as well as a data output to be able to integrate with your internal systems.

Why Act Now? Order your custom Targeted Competitor Report (compensation or turnover) and receive this report each quarter for a full year for just $3,000.

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More Details:

Competitive set: Custom grouping of at least 8 brands (including your brand; excluding your brand is an extra charge of $1,500) Competitive set is approved by analyst team to ensure data integrity.

Report frequency: Quarterly

Report format: Securely delivered Excel workbook

Time periods:

  • Compensation Report: Quarterly base pay, Rolling 12-month total cash compensation
  • Turnover Report: Monthly, YTD, Quarterly, Rolling 12 Month, Annual


  • Compensation Report: Tenured Base Salary, Annual Bonus, Total Cash Compensation, Bonus as a Percentage of Base, Hourly Pay Rate, Base Salary Rates; All metrics include average and 25th, 50th and 75th percentiles
  • Turnover Report: Turnover by position

Segments: Competitive set. Please note that competitor results are provided in aggregate and that we never share individual company data.

Locations: Nation, Regions, States, DMAs (Designated Market Areas)

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