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Restaurant Manager Connect:
Restaurant Manager Engagement Survey

by TDn2K & Gallup

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The Restaurant Industry is Suffering an Engagement Crisis

It’s no secret that retaining talent is a top challenge for restaurants today. TDn2K data has proven that restaurant managers fill the most important shoes in the business, and an alarmingly high percentage of them are not engaged. The restaurant industry is currently experiencing historically high levels of turnover, increasing wage pressures, low-profit margins and high competition. Restaurants need effective solutions to engage and retain people in these vital leadership roles.

How Restaurant Manager Connect Addresses Your Manager Engagement

Restaurant Manager Connect provides benchmarks for critical components of engagement by unraveling the emotional factors behind it, so you can understand what areas you need to focus on to improve your performance. The insights provided by this product allow you to see the effect of engagement on sales, traffic, turnover and guest satisfaction for your brand.

Measuring Engagement Has Never Been Easier

Based on the world-renowned Gallup Q12, TDn2K leverages 12 simple questions that are proven to measure the most important elements of employee engagement and how it impacts your business.

  • How many of your managers are engaged, not engaged and actively disengaged?
  • How much of your manager population is satisfied with your company as a place to work?
  • Do your managers agree that the purpose of the company makes them feel their job is important?
  • Can your managers maintain a healthy balance between work and personal commitments?
  • Do your managers agree their team is committed to doing quality work?
  • Does your management team feel they have been offered opportunities to learn and grow?

How it works

The survey is conducted twice a year (Q1 & Q3). Data collection is simple. The short survey, powered by Gallup’s Q12, is distributed to all of your managers system-wide via email. Results are aggregated and delivered back to your team with competitive benchmarks, providing you with fast, actionable results.