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TDn2K delivers Workforce, Financial & Consumer Social benchmarks for the Restaurant Industry. TDn2K membership covers 37,000 units, over 2.1 million employees and $65 billion in annual sales revenue.
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Human Capital Performance

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    Membership Features
  • Monthly service-sector workforce analytics
  • Over 2.1 million employees tracked
  • Compensation, Turnover and Demographic metrics
  • Benchmark across 11 regions and over 180 DMAs
  • Compare your company against any major segment

Financial Capital Performance

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    Membership Features
  • 24 key revenue metrics reported on a weekly basis
  • Data collected from nearly 26,000 restaurant units
  • Tracking over 130 brands & 65 billion dollars in sales
  • Benchmark across 11 regions, 50 states and 193 DMAs
  • Compare your company against segments and/or cuisines
    Membership Features
  • Track your brand's reputation on the web
  • Classify social mentions by food, service, etc.
  • Built for restaurants by TDn2K and Social Strategy1
  • Compare social media data to ops metrics
  • BBI data integration
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Changers of Commerce Spotlight: Sustainable Restaurant Group’s Kristofor Lofgren

Many large restaurant groups can attribute their success to one of their greatest strengths: their supply chain. We all know that any strength can become a weakness, though. Marginal Ingredients Won’t Excite Your Staff David Lebovitz describes this well in My Paris Kitchen, when he laments that “many of the great Parisian bistros have been taken over by … [Read more]

What Happened to Unions?

If you’ve read our series about what President Trump can and can’t control, you know that we need to be front and center with local wage, paid leave and other issues. By now, you’re probably wondering what the role of unions are in this political landscape. There’s a lot of self-reflecting on how unions can be relevant to the modern worker. Unions are figuring out how … [Read more]

What Issues are Within President Trump’s Control?

During the HR Summit at this year’s Global Best Practices Conference, Joe Kefauver and Franklin Coley of Align Public Strategies shared some of their insights on what may and may not change during President Trump’s administration. Here are some things that are within the president’s control. Click here to read about local issues, including minimum wage, paid leave and … [Read more]

Changers of Commerce Spotlight: Ten for 10

This is a story about how one person can make a huge impact on thousands of people in another continent by sharing our most precious resource -- water. It all started on a date night in 2008. Sheryl Coyne-Batson and her husband, Bryan Batson, decided to check out the indie film "Flow: For Love of Water." The movie showcases an unsettling trend in our access to … [Read more]

Restaurants in the Digital Era

It’s a tough time to be a restaurant operator. With an oversaturated market, low unemployment rates and a new White House administration, chain restaurants have little to celebrate (except flat sales growth). Human resources professionals are in the hot seat as turnover rates skyrocket and the labor pool shrinks. However, restaurant marketers are facing an equally tough … [Read more]

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If you really want to compete in this marketplace and particularly this economy and you’re not part of this organization you’re missing out on something very important.
Bill Spae
Vasari LLC

The use of Black Box has helped improve our overall performance in Same Store Sales and Guest Counts. We share this data weekly with our operators and it pushes them to improve their performance.
Mike Axiotis
Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group

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