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TDn2K™ delivers Workforce, Financial & Consumer Social benchmarks for the Restaurant Industry. TDn2K membership represents 38,000 restaurant units, 2.3 million employees and $67 billion in annual sales revenue.
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Human Capital Performance

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    Membership Features
  • Monthly service-sector workforce analytics
  • Over 2.3 million employees tracked
  • Compensation, Turnover and Demographic metrics
  • Benchmark across 11 regions and 189 DMAs
  • Compare your company against any major segment

Financial Capital Performance

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    Membership Features
  • 24 key revenue metrics reported on a weekly basis
  • Data collected from nearly 27,000 restaurant units
  • Tracking over 150 brands & 67 billion dollars in sales
  • Benchmark across 11 regions, 50 states and 195 DMAs
  • Compare your company against segments and/or cuisines
    Membership Features
  • Track your brand's reputation on the web
  • Classify social mentions by food, service, etc.
  • Built for restaurants by TDn2K and Social Strategy1
  • Compare social media data to ops metrics
  • BBI data integration
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An Attorney General Could Seriously Hurt Businesses

The actions this week by two state attorneys general over the constitutionality of President Trump’s overseas business dealings have very little to do with the P&Ls of operators. But here’s why it matters to your business and employees--In the grand scheme of things, their legal maneuvering it is a stinging reminder of the role AGs play and how, in other circumstances … [Read more]

Labor Pressures Build While Restaurant Sales Continue to Decline

May was a disappointing month for chain restaurants by most measures. Same-store sales were down -1.1 percent, which represents a 0.1 percentage point drop from April. The industry has not reported a month of positive sales since February of 2016. These results come from data by TDn2K™ through The Restaurant Industry Snapshot™, based on weekly sales from over 27,000+ … [Read more]

By TDn2K on June 8, 2017
Posted in TDn2k Blog

Everything Restaurants Need to Know about the Political Landscape

The restaurant industry is bombarded by political, legislative and regulatory issues playing out all over the country, not to mention activism. All of it can have an immediate or long-term impact on business models. In a world of rapid social media response, our employees and customers are also aware of these debates in town halls, state capitols and in Congress. … [Read more]

Restaurant Guest Satisfaction Snapshot to Reveal Online Brand Health of Chain Restaurants

May 24, 2017 | Dallas, TX - White Box Social Intelligence™, a TDn2K™ company, has launched the “Restaurant Guest Satisfaction Snapshot,” revealing insights on consumer feedback and guest satisfaction on over 193,000 units and 620 brands in the restaurant industry. View the latest edition, "Value Reigns in the Eyes of Restaurant Consumers," here. “We are excited to … [Read more]

Not All Restaurants Are Failing. Here’s How Some Are Staying on Top.

If there’s one thing that has become obvious over the past few years in the restaurant industry, it’s that “the rising tide does not raise all boats.” But, perhaps “the ebbing tide does not lower all boats,” either. While chain restaurants have been looking at some of the worst years of sales and traffic since the Great Recession, there have been a few top players. These … [Read more]

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“The team at Black Box has constructed an incredible tool that provides an unparalleled view into the restaurant industry. Competition in today’s marketplace is fierce and we are continually looking at ways to build competitive advantages for Darden. The data and insights from Black Box will be a terrific complement to our existing consumer insights capabilities.”
Ali Charri
Darden Restaurants

The use of Black Box has helped improve our overall performance in Same Store Sales and Guest Counts. We share this data weekly with our operators and it pushes them to improve their performance.
Mike Axiotis
Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group

People Report helps our HR department be able to have a seat in the room with leadership by providing metrics that show an ROI for HR.
Christy Cox
Logan's Roadhouse

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Marketing Vitals utilizes BIG DATA to generate analysis of restaurant’s data to deliver predictive analytics that account for prior year performance, trending sales, impact of holidays, events, weather, and several other factors. Their unique approach to data visualization transforms complex concepts like price elasticity and customer engagement into simple methods for optimizing performance.
Black Box Intelligence™, a TDn2K™ company, has partnered with leading SaaS location intelligence technology platform SiteZeus®. The partnership brings the most extensive set of sales data for restaurants to a best-in-class location technology. Through this partnership, restaurant owners and developers can build modules allowing them to make the best business decisions for future expansion.
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