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TDn2K™ delivers Workforce, Financial & Consumer Social benchmarks for the Restaurant Industry. TDn2K membership represents 41,000 restaurant units, 2.5 million employees and $68 billion in annual sales revenue.
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Human Capital Performance

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    Membership Features
  • Monthly service-sector workforce analytics
  • Over 2.5 million employees tracked
  • Compensation, Turnover and Demographic metrics
  • Benchmark across 11 regions and 189 DMAs
  • Compare your company against any major segment

Financial Capital Performance

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    Membership Features
  • 24 key revenue metrics reported on a weekly basis
  • Data collected from over 41,000 restaurant units
  • Tracking 155 brands & 68 billion dollars in sales
  • Benchmark across 11 regions, 50 states and 195 DMAs
  • Compare your company against segments and/or cuisines
    Membership Features
  • Track your brand's reputation on the web
  • Classify social mentions by food, service, etc.
  • Built for restaurants by TDn2K and Social Strategy1
  • Compare social media data to ops metrics
  • BBI data integration
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Customer Service in Restaurants Continues to Improve

Even though there was little actual change in July, guest sentiment based on food did become slightly less positive during the month. This drop in positive food sentiment was measured for both the month and the rolling three-month average, which speaks to the ongoing trend in slipping food satisfaction which started in April. What continues to be a bright spot for the … [Read more]

By TDn2K on August 16, 2017
Posted in TDn2k Blog

Sales Rebound Optimism Short Lived; July Restaurant Sales Tumble

Restaurant sales dropped again in July, dealing a blow to an industry that had shown modest signs of improvement in recent months. Same-store sales were down -2.8 percent, a sharp 1.8 percentage point decline from June. The drop was disappointing in light of the -1.3 percent average comp sales for the first six months of the year and -1.6 percent recorded in the last half … [Read more]

By TDn2K on August 10, 2017
Posted in TDn2k Blog

State of the Industry: A Mixed Bag of News for Restaurants

Do you want the bad news or the good news first? At the close of the second quarter of the year, there was quite a bit of both for restaurant operators. From a difficult recruiting environment to a possible traffic rebound, here’s the latest take on what’s happening in the restaurant industry. Bad News 1. Negative sales growth continues across the board. Although … [Read more]

Has Restaurant Turnover Finally Reached a Plateau? [Infographic]

Restaurant may have finally hit rock bottom, or perhaps, the high heavens, with employee turnover. Results from the People Report™ Q2 Workforce Index indicate that rising turnover levels, which are currently at an all-time high for management and hourly employees, may have begun to taper off, mostly because there is nowhere else to go but down. The Workforce Index is a … [Read more]

Are You Building Contracts or Relationships?

At 15 years old, I started my career as a hostess at a local restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma. That began what would be an 18-year career in the restaurant industry. It was an industry that I loved, and still love to this day, but after many years, I felt like I had to make a change. I was about to be promoted to District Manager. I was 35 and was told I had a bright future, … [Read more]

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TDn2K is a first-class organization and always brings a great deal of value to the table. I appreciate their partnership with providing useful, on-going data, impactful conferences and creating opportunities for us to network with other industry leaders. I would highly recommend TDn2K for all the services they provide!
Michele Kemplay
Jason's Deli

People Report is such a great tool for our business to hold our leaders accountable and drive results.
Laura Sorensen
Darden Restaurants

If you really want to compete in this marketplace and particularly this economy and you’re not part of this organization you’re missing out on something very important.
Bill Spae
Vasari LLC

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Marketing Vitals utilizes BIG DATA to generate analysis of restaurant’s data to deliver predictive analytics that account for prior year performance, trending sales, impact of holidays, events, weather, and several other factors. Their unique approach to data visualization transforms complex concepts like price elasticity and customer engagement into simple methods for optimizing performance.
Black Box Intelligence™, a TDn2K™ company, has partnered with leading SaaS location intelligence technology platform SiteZeus®. The partnership brings the most extensive set of sales data for restaurants to a best-in-class location technology. Through this partnership, restaurant owners and developers can build modules allowing them to make the best business decisions for future expansion.
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