Transforming Data
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We provide Workforce Data, Sales Data, and Social Data reporting for the Restaurant Industry.

We also host two amazing annual conferences: Summer Brand Camp and Global Best Practices.

Human Capital Performance

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    Membership Features
  • Monthly service-sector workforce analytics
  • Over 1 million employees tracked
  • Compensation, Turnover and Demographic metrics
  • Benchmark across 11 regions and over 180 DMAs
  • Compare your company against any major segment

Financial Capital Performance

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    Membership Features
  • 14 key revenue metrics reported on weekly basis
  • Data collected from over 32,000 restaurant units
  • Tracking over 110 brands & 55 billion dollars in sales
  • Benchmark across 11 regions, 50 states and 190+ DMAs
  • Compare your company against segments and/or cuisines

Brand Experience

  • Track your brand's reputation on the web
  • Classify social mentions by food, service, etc.
  • Built for restaurants by TDn2K and Social Strategy1
  • Compare social media data to ops metrics
  • BBI data integration

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People Report
Black Box Intelligence
White Box Social Intelligence
Summer Brand Camp
Global Best Practices Conference

The Purpose Driven Economy; Marketing Lessons from Camp

You want word of mouth? You want your customers raving about you? You want to go viral? Do things worth talking about. The status quo is easy, the norm is easy, continuing to do things the way they’ve always been done, is easy. But it doesn’t inspire, it doesn’t spark change and it definitely isn’t the right way to market to today’s enlightened & savvy guests. I’ve … [Read more]

Key Takeaways From #SBrandCamp In 140 Characters

The takeaways from Summer Brand Camp 2015 are best written in your words — your tweets. Whether you joined us, or not, here are the key points from each speaker. Summer Brand Camp, as well as your personal and professional life is about passion, love and purpose. The Art & Soul of Work with Doug Shaw: The soul of work is about getting to know one another better. @ … [Read more]

An INTERNal Perspective

Re-imagine walking into your first Summer Brand Camp conference; seeing the set up, the people, even seeing the excitement on everyone’s faces. Now time for some magic: Take your age and subtract about 5-7 years. Take away all the knowledge that you’ve inquired from your past jobs, and throw in a dash of uneasiness. Don’t forget to put on a huge smile because voilà, you ar … [Read more]

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    What others are saying
This is a great barometer for any operator, big or small. Significantly better than the prior service we were subscribed to.
Jim Balis
CEO, Cafe Enterprises

If you really want to compete in this marketplace and particularly this economy and you’re not part of this organization you’re missing out on something very important.
Bill Spae

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