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Michele Kemplay

TDn2K is a first-class organization and always brings a great deal of value to the table. I appreciate their partnership with providing useful, on-going data, impactful conferences and creating opportunities for us to network with other industry leaders. I would highly recommend TDn2K for all the services they provide!

John Poulos

DiscoverLink has been a partner sponsor of TDn2K for many years, and we don’t miss a conference. The Global Best Practices Conference gives us a chance to engage with top industry leaders in a meaningful way. We are proud to be part of such a top notch event.

Roz Mallet

For more than 20 years, the Global Best Practices Conference is a place to go to hear up to date perspectives on hot topics affecting our businesses. I have attended as both a corporate leader and entrepreneur, and gotten valuable insights. And, for me, the networking is a major plus. Nothing better than learning from your friends and expert presenters!

Kim Bartley

To learn from peers and their experience through the networking and the shared stories is valuable to leaders looking to move from good to great as a company.

Ecolab Vice President, Global Accounts

Last year was my first to attend the Global Best Practices Conference and it certainly won't be my last. The leadership and content was top notch. This is a can't miss event for myself and my team.

John Miller

What could possibly be better than the conveyance, assimilation and implementation of a Global Best Practice? Exactly, aside from more time with family, I couldn't come up with any either! There is only one best place to find, share and learn of these best practices, and that is the Global Best Practices Conference. Plan now to attend, you'll be glad you did! Hope to see you there.

Ali Charri

“The team at Black Box has constructed an incredible tool that provides an unparalleled view into the restaurant industry. Competition in today’s marketplace is fierce and we are continually looking at ways to build competitive advantages for Darden. The data and insights from Black Box will be a terrific complement to our existing consumer insights capabilities.”

Gje Greene Wallace

"I walked away with a renewed passion to help others both personally & professionally. Summer Brand Camp reignited my passion for others"

Jessie Bray

"This conference has had the largest impact on my professional mindset in many years. If I was only able to attend one conference a year, it would be Brand Camp!"

Chris Ebbeler

"I thought Summer Brand Camp would be a typical conference. Little did I know it would change my outlook on where I wanted to take my career; and better yet, amplified everything that I was already proud about in my work"

Avery Block

"At Summer Brand Camp, instead of sun rays, we're soaking up meaningful data. Camp activities include learning how to strengthen brand loyalty, drive customer & employee engagement and execute realistic strategies"

Chris Reed

"Summer Brand Camp isn't just relevant to business. It's relevant to life. Being part of something like this is an honor and unbelievably freaking exciting"

Laura Sorensen

People Report is such a great tool for our business to hold our leaders accountable and drive results.

Stephanie Robinson

"As a social media professional, I am excited to work more closely with my HR team to better leverage my teammates in restaurants."

W. Chris Burcham

"In a transparent socially connected world, if you don't have your people be your most accessible ambassadors to the brand, there are some things you need to work on; You can't just 'own it' anymore, its got to be a collaborative group effort."

Gje Greene

"I walked away with a renewed passion to help others both personally & professionally. The conference reignited my passion for others."

SBC 2013 Attendee

"I can't express how much comfort and energy I got from realizing that I'm not alone in the work world. I didn't know what to expect, but had former co-workers who were raving fans. Now, you've got another raving fan. Saying it changed my life might sound a little fluffy, but I was honestly on the road to being "disengaged" in the workforce. Now I've found that I have a tribe that I thought didn't exist--and I'm more invested than ever in making change for my company. THANK YOU!"

Tim McDonald

"Before Summer Brand Camp I never really realized how closely marketing, Hr and ops all really work together. And one of the biggest challenges organizations have is that they don’t realize that we don’t work as individual departments and we really need to be working as one."

Lisa Hammond

"As someone who is a more traditional HR practitioner, this has been a huge eye opener to learn about what our responsibilities are when it comes to Social Media and how even HR roles really are Marketing roles."

Lucy Smith

"Thanks so much! We had an amazing time… you put on the best event we have ever attended!"

Sherie Valderrama

"If you can only attend one conference this year, Summer Brand Camp should be at the top of your list."

Katie Rayfield

"I was simply blown away at the value for the cost! I walked away with action items not only for my professional life, but my personal as well! This will be the one conference I make sure to attend every year. The balanced between business, volunteering, and networking, made for a spectacular week!"

Daniel Gragg

"Summer Brand Camp is a great way to refresh, refocus and connect with a lot of amazing people."

SBC 2012 Attendee

Summer Brand Camp remains my favorite conference. Enough social media to be interesting, enough marketing experience to convince me that it's working, and enough HR background to showcase how adoption of new strategies matters as much as the creativity in creating them

SBC 2012 Attendee

"I truly believe this could be the TED Talks of the hospitality world."

SBC 2012 Attendee

"Summer Brand Camp was an amazing, awe-inspiring experience. This was my first year attending, and I can't wait for next year!"

Chuck Conine

As a long-time People Report member I recommend both the products and the team that stands behind them. Joni and her team are the best in the business.

Mike Axiotis

The use of Black Box has helped improve our overall performance in Same Store Sales and Guest Counts. We share this data weekly with our operators and it pushes them to improve their performance.

Christy Cox

People Report helps our HR department be able to have a seat in the room with leadership by providing metrics that show an ROI for HR.

Roz Mallet

I’ve been a part of People Report since it’s inception and it’s meant a lot to me personally and professionally. It’s helped me understand my business and as an HR person it’s helped me sell the idea that people retention is important to pay attention to everyday.

Jonathan Maze

Black Box Intelligence is rapidly becoming standard for comp sales comparisons.

Jessie Bray

"This conference has had the largest impact on my professional mindset in many years. If was only able to attend one conference a year, it would be Brand Camp."

Courtney Martinez

"Summer Brand Camp has inspired me. I am empowered to be the change. Never have I left a conference feeling so welcomed into an amazing community. Thank You."

Linda Bolton

"It was the best conference I've been to. I'm so fired up and ready to get my company to help the surrounding community!"

Bill Spae

If you really want to compete in this marketplace and particularly this economy and you’re not part of this organization you’re missing out on something very important.
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